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Desert Camo Humvee ++ by Orbis Factor email: orbisfactor@hotmail.com web: http://ephargy.bazahr.com/orbisfactor/bf1942/bf1942.html ++

Not much to say other than it's now got desert camo colours. Both the normal and medical humvee have been done.

=|Installation|= You'll need to have the 'Texture Sets Mod for DC' by HeadHunter installed, all you have to do is copy the .dds files to all the map folders;

If you dont have the DC Texture Sets Mod installed, you will have to use the following method (replaces the skin for the Italians on all maps with the Italians on them);

These dds files have to be reconverted with MakerRfa.

Thank you for downloading this skin. All comments, either criticism/constructive criticism/request, are welcome.

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Download 'of_desertcamohumvee.zip' (1.25MB)

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