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This experimental map for Battlefield 1942 is a hybrid of Outpost-2 style gameplay and Battlefield 1942 Conquest mode. It contains modded un...


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This experimental map for Battlefield 1942 is a hybrid of Outpost-2 style gameplay and Battlefield 1942 Conquest mode. It contains modded units and is pretty fast. Installer included. It's being played on my clan server ( I encourage you to give it a try ;) More info in readme file.

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Download 'outpost_ii.zip' (27.28MB)

Outpost II is an Outpost 2 inspired map for Battlefield 1942. It's a bold attempt at porting Outpost 2 original gameplay style to Battlefield 1942.  
It's not entirely finished and I intend to work on it if I get a positive response. It's only playable in Conquest mode, but uses a special objective-driven gameplay.
A small Allied outpost is about to be attacked by a large force. The only chance of survival is to evacuate.
Allied team must bring at least one Evacuation Transport (modified M3A1) to the Evac Zone across the map to survive. They have few Flak Lynxes to defend, but they are no match for other team's RPG Tigers.
Allied Team will win when at least one Evacuation Transport reaches the Evac Zone AND all remaining Axis forces are eliminated.
Axis Team will win when all Allied Transports and units are destroyed.
My clan server is running this map (IP: Port:14567) You are free to join :-)
Home-made installer included.
Scanned with AVG 7.5.

-> Battlefield 1942 (tested only on v1.61, may not work with earlier versions)

1. Extract all files from the zip archive somewhere to Your hard drive
2. Run Install.exe
    -> If it shows an error, make sure that You extracted ALL files from the archive to the SAME location and that Battlefield 1942 is installed.
3. The map is currently played on my clan server (IP: Port:14567). You can join it by using Battlefield's Multiplay/Internet/Add Server feature. If the map's not there, click "score board" and then "map vote".

-> Everyone's free to host my map
-> Disable friendly fire or set a reasonably-high kickback. Gameplay can be easily ruined by teamkillers.
-> The map works only in Conquest Mode.
-> Tickets don't make much difference, but if you set the Ticket Ratio too low, rounds may end prematurely.
-> Typical round time is less than 8 minutes. Set a greater number of rounds to avoid reloading the map every single while.

-> All vehicles are team-locked. If you see an MG-Lynx, it's driver is undoubtedly from the axis team.
-> Axis Team:
   * Send few scouts in MG-Lynxes for an early raid and to find out where the trucks are going.
   * Others should cap the beachhead and wait for Tigers to arrive.
   * MG-Lynxes are weaker than their allied counterparts, but are good for scouting.
   * Don't get too close to Allied Evac Zone. Automated defense systems will shoot you without warning.
   * Fastest way to win: Capture the outpost, find their trucks and send tigers after them. MG-Lynxes may also be effective in large groups.

-> Allied Team:
   * Evacuate as soon as possible. If you wait for too long, Tigers will reach the base and destroy your transports.
   * Use your Lynxes to escort Evacuation Transports. 
   * Axis Team is most likely to capture your base during the first minute of gameplay. After that you will instantly lose vehicle spawns.
   * Protect the transports. You only get three and can loose only two. They also act as spawn points.
   * Fastest way to win? Drive a transport to the Evac Zone! (and don't get killed in the process)

You are free to modify this map IF you mention my nickname as original creator in your map description and/or readme file.
You are also free to use modifications from this map for your own purposes under the same condition.
Outpost 2 is a copyrighted trademark of Sierra On-Line. No content from Outpost 2 was used.
In case of questions / issues, use the contact information provided below.

Nickname: -=DZN=- Archer
E-Mail:   md1032 [AT] o2.pl

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