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Joefish sends in this nice looking P51 skin


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Joefish sends in this nice looking P51 skin

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Download 'p51camo.zip' (383KB)

Thank you for downloading my P51 camo skin.

First be sure that you have your texture folder extracted. if not please go to this link


for directions to extract your texture folder. If you dont want to use the .net then go to "http://bf1942files.com/file.info?ID=9815"
and use that extractor. After your texture folder is extracted copy the following files from your extracted texture.rfa to a safe place

 --- "LOD_P51_H.dds"
 --- "P51Fus_L.dds"
 --- "Mustang_Prop_Blur_L.dds"
 --- "P51Fus_T.dds"

 in case you want your old mustang back. It is a good idea to back up all of your other original files in case you want to restore a single skin without losing all of your custom skins The alternative is extracting texture.rfa again but you will lose all of your custom textures.

Then place the other files in this folder in your "texture" directory, and you are set.

Kudos, Comments, Ideas, Complaints send them to Joefishin88@hotmail.com

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