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Pacific Marines Camo

***** United States Marine Corps Pacific camo ***** skin by Multimadman.


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***** United States Marine Corps Pacific camo *****

skin by Multimadman.

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The only file in this mod is a texture.rfa file which you can use on- and offline. Just create a new folder for it, for example: c:\<gamefolder>\Mods\bf1942\Marines\Archives 
and put the texture.rfa in it. 

Now you open: c:\<gamefolder>\Mods\bf1942\init.con

And add the following line:
game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/Marines

Also add this below all the lines that start with &quot;game.addModPath&quot;:
game.customGameFlushArchives 0
Save the init.con

Now the texture is activated for all game types. Simply put &quot;rem&quot; in front of the first line you put in the init.con to deactivate the skin.

It is supposed to be used only for US Pacific missions but when added to a standard version of the game is will also appear in the US European missions. Use the texture file system of the Merciless mod to split these up.

This camo is based on the real combat suits used in the Pacific. The real ones are actually  reversible camos of which the inside is done in green colors. That is why you will find a lot of brown and green combinations in real pictures.Hope you people like it. 

BTW, the British backpack is the same as the us so it has camo too.

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