Pacific Sun beta 1


by Winston_Churchill

This is a pacific type map. There are 2...


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by Winston_Churchill

This is a pacific type map. There are 2 main and 2 small islands with 5 flags to capture all together. The Allies are engaging and trying to conquer the islands in order to get rid of the japanese enemy and gain control in this area of the pacific.

This map is compatible to Eve Of Destruction.

installation: extract the pacific_sun.rfa file into your battlefield\mods\bf1942\archives\bf1942\levels\ directory. the eod_pacific_sun.rfa goes into the battlefield\mods\eod\archives\bf1942\levels\ directory

uninstallation: simply delete the files.

known issues:

- balancing problems ..its not been tested that much yet so there are some for sure. (next versions) - no lightmaps or shadows yet ..blame it on the delay of battlecraft ;) i dont want to mess with 3dsmax atm.(next version) - no other modes then conquest supported atm, hence no bots for ou, this should be solved in the final release. - roads ..the editor42 0.2 seemingly doesnt support 1024x1024 maps :-( - textures, some look oddly dark, especially the shores there was no oil frighter in this area ;) (next version)

eod: - the huey on the uss. constellation hovers above the flight deck ..hey ,i just got into vehicle coding ;)

Have fun

You can find the dedicated server versions for both mods at

credits to: - the guy which made the rfa (un)packers..moseley - all those who wrote the tutorials for editing - Josh Barger for the Heightmap Editor - the terragen coder - the EOD team for this wonderful mod - my computer..he had to do more than i had to ;)

I am not responsible for any damage or crash you might do/experience while using this map. ;)


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