Parallel World 0.63



Parallel World mod 0.63 update. Adapted for Battlefield ver 1.61. Updated ReadMe file. Now has official server.

This MOD runs on all default maps of Conquest and SinglePlayer games. This MOD includes vehicles as follows:

Hand Weapons - Stinger Anti-air Missile (Scout) - Anti-personnel Landmine (Medic, Scout) - Grenade Launcher (Assault) - Shot Gun (AntiTank) - Boomerang (Medic) - Flamethrower (Engineer)

Robots - Senkousha (Chinese hominine robot "Pioneer") - SpiderTiger (Control the booster direction by throttle and turn)

Helicopters - AH-1F "Huey Cobra" - Fl282 "KOLIBRI"

Airplanes - F-35B (Activate STOVL by back throttle) - Su-37 (Activate TVC by back throttle) - B17VTOL

Land Vehicles - Vespa A.C.M.A. T.A.P. (Drive by airplane control)

Amphibious Vehicles - Dive Tanks(Sherman, Chi-ha, PanzerIV, T34/85)

Anti-air Vehicles - FlakPanzerIV - M3A1-AARocket

Anti-ground Vehicles - Hanomag-AGRocket - M3A1-AGRocket

Ships - LCAC - Pomornik class - Fletcher-H (Heliport) - Hatsuzuki-H (Heliport) - Fletcher-A (Torpedo) - Hatsuzuki-A (Torpedo)

Submarines - Gato-M (Mine) - Sub7C-M (Mine)

Anti-air Static Weapons - AARocketLauncher - Flakvierling38

Anti-ground Static Weapons - AGRocketLauncher

Weapons - Cluster bomb CBU87 (F-35B, Su-37)

Buildings - Heliport

Updates: --- 0.62 --- Adapted for Battlefield ver 1.45. LCAC and Pomornik got more controllability. Lowered the gravity center of Spider Tiger.

Install: Just copy the included folder "ParallelWorld" to your Battlefield 1942 Mods folder "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods". Start BF1942 and activate ParallelWorld on the custom game menu.


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