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Hey Soldiers! Heres a nice map by XCS_Brenil. Great Job XCS_Brenil and Good Luck on other maps. Happy Fragging Everyone!


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Hey Soldiers! Heres a nice map by XCS_Brenil. Great Job XCS_Brenil and Good Luck on other maps. Happy Fragging Everyone!

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Peleliu by Brenil

First of all, let me thank you for downloading my map.  It is my hope that all who download 
Peleliu enjoy it as much as DICE created maps which have withstood the test of time.  This 
version of Peleliu does not support coop or Capture the Flag modes.  A co-op version may be 
released at a later date.  Capture the Flag is not suited for this map, thus was not 

With that said, Peleliu is a semi historical correct map with alot of attention to detail. 
You will find many unique things about this map, but hopefully the greatest thing you notice 
is that it is fun to play.  Anyway, now to the specifics:

This map supports the following gametypes: 

Team Death Match

Installation of the client side version (the larger one) -

To install Peleliu, you will need to do the following:

First unzip the Peleliu.rfa into your Battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels
directory. This should install Peleliu properly for the clients.

Installation of the server side version (small one) -

First of all, this version should be installed onto dedicated servers ONLY. It will NOT
work for clients. This is purely to help server managers upload the map easier. 

Server managers will need to unzip the Peleliu.rfa (in the seperate
into their dedicated server's bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels directory. This will not be 
able to run properly on that box, but will allow clients to connect seemlessly with a 
smaller upload.

Historical Background:

By the summer of 1944, the United States had come a long way since the dark days of Pearl 
Harbor, Wake Island and Bataan. Victories in the Southwest and Central Pacific had brought 
the war even closer to Japan, with American bombers now able to strike at the Japanese 
homeland itself. But there was disagreement by the U.S. Joint Chiefs over two proposed 
strategies to crush the Japanese Empire.  

One strategy proposed by General Douglas MacArthur called for the recapture of the 
Philippines, followed by the capture of Okinawa then Formosa for an attack at the Chinese 
mainland. From there, the eventual invasion of Japan would come. 

Admiral Chester Nimitz, on the other hand, favored a more direct strategy of bypassing the 
Philippines, but seizing Okinawa and Formosa as staging areas for the future invasion of 
Japan's southernmost islands. As for Peleliu, both commanders' strategies included the 
invasion of this island, but for different reasons, and the 1st Marine Division had already 
been chosen to make the assault. 

To settle this dispute, President Franklin Roosevelt traveled to Pearl Harbor to meet 
personally with both commanders and hear their respective arguments. From this the president 
would make his own decision. After a review of both positions, MacArthur's strategy was 
chosen. However, before MacArthur could retake the Philippines, the Palau Islands - Peleliu 
specifically, would have to be neutralized to protect his right flank. What followed would 
be a ferocious battle lasting more than two months and costing over 12,000 lives. It would 
also be one of the Pacific War's most forgotten campaigns.


Peleliu is a twist of the standard Conquest Assault style of gameplay we're used to.  Unlike 
classic Pacific assault maps, Wake Island and Iwo Jima to named examples.  Peleliu although 
being an assault map in name does not adhere to the same rules for ticket decay.  Here is 
the breakdown for all the flags, their importance and value:

White Beach - This flag is only capturable by the Allies.  It is at the southern most tip of 
the main island of Peleliu itself.  In order to successfully capture this flag, the Allies 
must work together to push the Japanese out of the flag zone and maintain a foothold onto 
the island.

The Point - The Point is basically the main Japanese Airfield flag on Peleliu Island.  It's 
importance is that this flag spawns all the fighters on the map and it is a further foothold 
onto the island.  This flag also controls all coastal defense spawns as well.

Hill 100 - Hard to miss this flag, Hill 100 overlooks the entire island of Peleliu.  It is 
in of itself the most important flag on the map, as it controls who has the high ground and 
the ability to maintain a strong defensive base.

Bloody Nose Ridge - This is the jungle flag further north on the island of Peleliu.  The 
flag radius is rather large in comparsion to all the other flags, but the thick jungle road 
leading to this flag is a prime spot for the defenders to stage ambushes on any incoming 
attack.  This is the second most important flag on the map.

Ngesebus Island - The secondary airfield is where all the Japanese bombers spawn, as well as 
their only piece of self propelled artillery.  This flag is the Japanese fall back point 
if the Japanese are pushed back to this flag, they're in deep trouble, but not all is lost.
This is one of the two flags that have a dock.

Angaur Island - The southwestern island from Peleliu is basically an artillery outpost over 
looking the main beach on Peleliu.  It is the second flag which has a dock as well.  This 
flag is important for the attackers to capture to further their points and to keep themselfs 
safe from the Defgun on this flag which can shell the entire landmass on the map.

Point Value:

As some of you may know, the way BF1942's Conquest system works is based on points issued to 
each flag by their importance.  The more important it is, the higher the value.  The system 
works into ticket decay very easily.  Simply put, whoever controls flags that add up to 
equal or greater than 100 will cause the other team to ticket bleed.  So what this means is 
if you want to make the other team bleed, go for the flags that are worth the most.  So with 
this in mind, here are the unique values of the flags on Peleliu.  

This is where Peleliu's gameplay becomes unique in of itself for an assault map.  Here are 
the point values of each flag on Peleliu:

White Beach (Allies capturable only) - 20 Points
The Point - 20 points
Hill 100 - 50 points
Bloody Nose Ridge - 40 points
Ngesebus Island - 20 points
Angaur Island - 20 points

As you can see the most important part of the map the large ridge that runs the length of 
Peleliu Island.  This is where the main battle should take place and should make for some 
hellishly fierce battles ontop of this jungle thick ridge.

Special thanks & Credits:

Special Thanks -

Azag-Thoth - Halftrack Skin
JSO - Aikival & Zero Skins
Kokutai - Imperial Japanese Army Skin
--==Killah==-- - P-51 Mustang skin
Multimadman - Pacific Sherman skin & Portions of the 1st Marine Division Skin
Mantidae - SBD skin
Takiwa - F4U Corsair skin
-WOODY- - Willy skin
Telkar - for his early beta testing.
Stelly - beta testing
Thur - beta testing
Ghoul - creative input
Zeplin - beta testing
Kahuhna - beta testing
Firestorm - beta testing & screenshot poser.
XCS Clan
Forgotten Hope - for the camoflagued nets, bunkers, and defguns.

And finally to the Global Conflict community for their support.


Made with Battlecraft 42, Editor 42, Notepad, RFA extrator, RFA Explorer, & RFA Maker.

A map Brenil

Any questions or comments? Constructive critism? E-mail me at

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