Pirate SpitFire - Update

This is an updates Skin from Da Pigalo:

Pirate Spitfire Update This is a small zip update for the Pirate Spitfire skin I submitt...


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This is an updates Skin from Da Pigalo:

Pirate Spitfire Update This is a small zip update for the Pirate Spitfire skin I submitted. I was surprised how many people liked it and downloaded it. I was very happy though. I found from feedback that quite a few people who had unzipped their texture.rfa file were having trouble unpacking my .rfa file I included for easy install. So this zip file has the packed texture_001.rfa file as well as all the files unzipped. It also has a updated readme.txt to explain the two different install procedures. Thank you very much and keep up the work on the great site. -Da Pigalo



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Download 'piratespitefireupdate.zip' (1.41MB)

            --==Da Pigalos BF1942 Skins==--

Skin for the Pirate Spitfire.

Due to the amount of people out there who have extracted their
texture.rfa's all ready, I have included both types of files and
two sets of instruction to install.  If you dont know if you have
extracted your texture.rfa, you have'nt.  Follow the first set of
instructions below.

To install with texture_001.rfa...

1. 	Open up your battlefield archives folder  
	(Default to c:/programfiles/eagames/battlefield1942/archives)
2. 	Place the texture_001.rfa inside your archives folder.

There should be a texture.rfa file in there.  If you all ready
 have a texture_001.rfa file do not overwrite it.  Simply name
 the new one texture_002.rfa, or so on in numeric progression.

To install with the .dds files (This assumes you have extracted
your texture.rfa into a texture folder in your battlefield dir)

1. 	Open up your texture directory and place all the .dds files
2.	Check and make sure your texture.rfa in your archives folder
	is renamed to texture.old or moved somewhere else.

--------General Notes-------------

This was just a skin I made because I was playing too much crimson
skies.  Its nice, looks best on high quality, doesnt look that bad
on low quality.  Enjoy.

Feel free to use and distribute these skins as you wish.
Be nice and give credit though =).

Feedback, negative or positive, is welcomed at DaPigalo@hotmail.com 
Who knows, maybe i'll take requests.

-Da Pigalo

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