This map is for the original game. It includes support for single player, co-op, and conquest. CTF support is not tested, but may work.



Single Player/COOP Sea Battle /w working landing craft for the original Battlefield mod.

Piti is a head on map with strong naval fleets on both sides, plenty of air support, an island with 5 control point to take and 6 landing zones for the landing craft.

It supports Single Player, COOP, TDM and Conquest. Capture the flag is untested, but should work.

To install:

Open the zip file "piti-20040104.zip". 
Extract Piti.rfa into Battlefield's bf192 mod levels folder. 
It should be in: 
	<path to the game>/Mods/bf1942/Archive/bf1942/levels

Please report any problems to me:

William Murphy
[email protected]

This level features the island of Piti (not really, Piti looks nothing like this one), a childhood favorite of mine. It's a nice place to visit and a beautiful place. Have fun tearing it up. I don't know if any battles at all took place there, but since I grew up in the islands and have seen all the pill boxes (Japanese strong points). I suspect there may have been.

I designed this level just to see if I could solve the AI landing craft problem. I don't think anyone, outside of EA GAMES has gotten them to work yet. I did.

Have fun.

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