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This is a NICE Mod, it adds more guns to some Planes.


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This is a NICE Mod, it adds more guns to some Planes.


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I thought that the planes should have their 
realistic armaments thus adding some guns.

I have only been adding some more guns and 
nothing more.

/Colonel Slaine

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 
1 30mm MG 108 cannon firing through propeller hub
2 wing-mounted 13mm MG 131 machine guns

Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XIV
Armament :
2 wing-mounted 20mm cannons, 
4 wing-mounted .303" machine guns.
North American P-51 D Mustang  
6 wing-mounted .50 cal machine guns

Vought F4U-A1 Corsair
6 .50 cal machine guns

These files are meant to replace the weapons.con 
for the 4 planes. Make shure you make back ups
of the original files.
Extract the to your BF root folder.
assuming that you have extracted your objects.rfa

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