Pure Chaos Mod



Pure Chaos is a mod designed to bring more explosions, fun, and well the raw feeling of winning to battlefield 1942.



Extract the mod to
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods
And play
Mod works for All game types

Please Make sure your version of battlefield 1942 is the latest version as if it is not, It will not work.

Have fun.
There could be some minor problems with a few images being different.. Im currently working on a "bugfix" that will make the images look proper.

Land Vehicles
*AA fires a explosive warhead
*BlackMedal has a Browning sitting in rear
*Chiha has the katyusha rockets on its back
*Hanomag, Ho-ha and m3a1 have AA guns on roof
*KettenKrad has 2 rear MG seats instead of one
*Kubelwagen & Willy have 2 AA cannons and a browning
*M10 and tiger spawn 2 mustangs/bf109 just infront of them. For those maps where there are no planes.
*PanzerIV has the Katyusha rockets on its back.
*Sherman has 2 passenger seats on rear.
*Willy and Blackmedal can driver underwater.
*Tiger has the Katyusha rockets on rear

Air Vehicles
*Aichival & SBD drop 4 bombs each.
*Aichival-t and SBD-t fire "missiles" 
*B17 has a AA Cannon, 2 passenger seats inbetween engines 1 per wing, Artillery cannon in front of it and allows for paraspawning.
*Corsair drops 2 bombs
*Mustang fires a missile.
*Spitfire has 2 brownings on wings.. 1 per wing, alows for players to ride along.. and help with defence of plane.
*Stuka has 2 brownings on wings also has the ability for paraspawn.

Sea Vehicles
*Elco80 fires missiles 4 missiles
*Elco80's Raft does not get any damage from water.
*Enterprise spawns 2 b17's, 2 katyushas, 3 Mustangs, 1 Blackmedal, 1 Kettenkrad and 1 extra aa cannon on roof of enterprise. Press 6 to enter it.
*Shokaku has 3 zero's spawn at front of deck facing backwards, 3 Aichival's spawns in rear of deck facing fowards and 1 stuka at very rear of carrier.

Misc Changes
*All Engineers now carry Bazooka instead of Rifle.
*Anti-tank classes now carry rifle.
*Engineers Mines get thrown further...
*Bazooka's and panzerschreck's fire further and faster.
*Allies and Axis grenades have 25 rounds.
*All rifles, Submachine guns, and pistols have smoke trails.
*Medpack and Repairpack heal/repair Very Fast.
*Infantry Exterior views are now possible.
*Infantry's do not get damage from water.
*Smoke trails added to Bombs and torps
*Changed Allied AA-guns to fire Def-Gun shells
Lots more changes have taken place. Check it out to see them all.

This mod currently only works for SP and Co-op, Currently working on fixing issue with Other game types.

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