Pure Chaos v2.0



Kamikaze_sgt_chaos has created a mod that add various tweaks to BF1942.



Thanks for downloading the new version of Pure Chaos
Bugs have been worked out of it. 
A couple of changes that ive done are 
Increased the zoom level to the m1 garand so it zooms further.
Added Parabombs for the b17
Made the BlackMedal and KubelWagen into demolition Jeeps.. 
Gave the Kettenkrad mines.. to deploy..
Made the Enterprise Float in mid air.
Added 4 barrels to the defgun and changed it so it can turn 360 degrees
And more..
The mod is nearly 100% complete, just could be a few minor bugs in it.

***Bf1942 MUST be patched to version 1.61 for this mod to work properly***

Please report any bugs, problems in my website

To install
Extract the zip to a folder where its easily accessable.
Create a folder in your Bf1942 Mods folder called PureChaos
go into the bf1942 and copy EVERYTHING from that folder into the purechaos folder.
Go back to the extracted folder and copy the init.ini and paste it into the pure chaos folder
Do the same for Objects.rfa, place it in the archives folder.

If that does not work
Or you dont play online.

Just do this.
Extract the zip
Go into your bf1942 folder.
and then into archives
Rename objects.rfa to objects.original
place the objects.rfa from the extracted folder into the archives folder.
And enjoy

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