Rat Patrol v1



A capture the flag mini-mod for Battlefield 1942, based on the 1960's TV series "Rat Patrol."




Doubleclick the BFmod icon.  Click the Change button, and point it to your Battlefield 1942 folder.  Click Install Mod. Enjoy!


A capture the flag mini-mod for Battlefield 1942, based on the 1960's TV series "Rat Patrol."

Rat Patrol Info:

-mod only works with stock BF1942 capture the flag maps.
-all land vehicles are either Willys or Kubelwagens.
-the Willy and the Kubelwagen are modified.
-both vehicles have 4 dual axles for stability.
-hood mounted MG42, fires normal, traverses left/right only, and controlable by the vehicle 
passenger (press 3 when in the vehicle).
-center mounted Browning, 180 arc traverse, full automatic with 25 high explosive rounds, 
controlable by rear seat passenger (press 2 when in the vehicle)
-horsepower boost...hold down altfire while driving to outrun (or catch) the enemy.

Rat Patrol known bugs:

I did not replace the Brownings on the Allied destroyer or the Allied landing craft.  Those
will also have the Rat Patrol modified Browning on them.  Since the mod is capture the
flag, this will only affect Guadalcanal.  

If you find a bug in the mod, or have an idea for the next version of Rat Patrol, please 
email me.

[dTF] SpacemanSpiff
[email protected]

Server list:

[dTF] Rat Patrol Mod: (Rat Patrol Mod)
[dTF] Modified CTF: (server side modded planes, jeeps, and bazookas)

Credits and Copyrights:

Thanks to:

http://www.planetbattlefield.com (modding forums)
http://www.toolazy2p.com  (modding forums)
http://www.godskillingmachines.com (RailRiders, for the occasional "attaboy!")

Enemy (maker of the TurboMod) for getting the jeep-mounted machine gun stuck in my head.

My teammates from Dante's Traveling Freakshow [dTF]:  Greed, Smackitdown, HappyHips, 
Frankenbox, Bullitsponge, and FixXxed.

Battlefield 1942, Rat Patrol, PlanetBattlefield, toolazy2p, godskillingmachines,TurboMod are copyright of their respective owners, or something.

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