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To create a more realistic depiction of the planes used in Battlefield 1942, while keeping the fun factor high. Where information wa...


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To create a more realistic depiction of the planes used in Battlefield 1942, while keeping the fun factor high. Where information was available, real weapon loadouts were incorporated in the mod. All of the planes have updated physics and proprietary new and enhanced artificial intelligence routine settings, so that the ai bots can fly the planes properly. I have also incorporated single player ONLY (will work in Co-op as well) modified maps that feature the B-17.

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Download '' (815KB)

Install Instructions:

Within the zip, there are THREE different versions of the mod with separate folders named as below:

1) NoSpawn - Normal B-17 (No spawn point)

2) Spawn - B-17 as spawn point (IF all the positions are NOT filled with bots)

3) Para - B-17 as paratrooper drop ship

To install this mod, extract the zip to your desktop and place ONE of the three included RealPlane folders (enclosed in the folders described above) to your Battlefield1942/Mods directory.  If you do this correctly, you'll end up with this: Mods/RealPlane/Archives/bf1942/levels

When you open up a game, go to the Custom Game tab, you should see a custom game called RealPlane.  Activate the custom game and have at it - OR - I've also included a shortcut that starts the game. To use the shortcut, right click on it and modify the target directory in "properties" to match where you installed the game - on the same page, you may also have to point to the included custom icon to get it to display properly.

If you are using the Merciless Mod, follow the directions included in THEIR mod on how to add mods.  They use a non-standard mod format.  I have included an init.con that should work with their mod.  You may need to copy the RealPlane folder into the Merciless Tex_Sets folder or whatever directions provided with the version of their mod you are using.

If you want the background movie to play in the opening screen, copy over the background.bik file from mods\bf1942\movies into the included Movies folder.

********RealPlane version 1.31************************************************************

*********New in this version**************************************************************

Major changes!

- I hated the fact that the planes in the stock game will keep shooting and moving toward each other until they crash into each other and both die (see pic).  The attacking plane basically always goes into its target kamikazi-style.  To fix this, I enabled the broken collision avoidance routines and other AI changes, and as added insurance, plane to plane crash damage reduced so that it takes a major collision hit to take down a plane.  I wanted them to dogfight and shoot each other down, not play demolition derby with each other.  

- Physics updates on ALL planes. The bots now fly the B-17 like the lumbering air truck that it was, no more Immelmann turns, loops, barrel rolls, etc.  Fighters are more energetic, dive bombers have been toned down.  Dive bombers concentrate strictly on ground pounding instead of dogfighting.  AI changes for flying all of the planes to take advantage of the physics updates.

- Fixed the plane map icons broken by changes to game version 1.3.

- Planes no longer have a "reverse gear" - at minimum throttle they sit and idle like they should!

- Gear dropping settings have been lowered so you can strafe at low altitudes and not have the gear drop unless you want it to (just use minimum throttle; it's not reverse gear anymore, and altitude).

- All planes have visible bombs on the hardpoints (except the B-17 with internal bombs only), if they are carrying any (Thanks to PeterV and Erich Hartmann for your advice and support).  All planes carry one reload - this was necessary to enable this feature - then you have to go get more bombs.

- Dive bombers get updated realistic bomb loadouts, Stuka gets five bombs, and Val and SBD get three each.  They are all now much more lethal weapons.  If you are in a tank, and the Stuka is coming at you, I'd advise you to get out and run ASAP.

- Enabled the broken SBD rear gunner AI routines.  (Thanks to the BF1942files forums for this find)

- A direct hit by a cannon shell is more lethal to planes.

- Tank gunners are less lethal to planes. They can't "see" as far, are more focussed on other priorities, and fire rounds less damaging to planes.  Necessary because the bots are too accurate with their fire.

- AA gunners also reset as above.

- Reset hitpoints on planes to lower values than where I had them before, due to the above changes.

Known issues and general comments about this release:

- B-17 is now not bot-compatible with the OP Market Garden map like before.  The AI can't seem to keep the plane on the small map boundaries.  The Bots flew the plane so horribly before, it's not a great loss.  The B-17-enabled OPMG modified map is ONLY on the NoSpawn map, where the AI usually won't try to fly the plane, but you can.

- The planes will sometimes circle waypoints or flag points until a flag gets taken somewhere.  This is in the standard game, I didn't fix it here as it's a minor annoyance - more so on the big maps.

- The planes may still crash into the ground or each other occasionally.  The AI work I've done is kinda like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound to the head.  There are deeper issues that need addressing within the main exe - only so much can be done in the cons.  For one thing, the bots make their attacks from terrible positions, usually getting entirely too close before breaking away.  They also like to break in the wrong direction - more often than not torward the plane they are attacking, instead of away.  My fixes try to force them to shoot at further distances and break away earlier, but it's a bootstrap approach that the faulty ai will occasionally override.

- The fixes are accomplished by 1) making the bots "think" more often while flying airplanes 2) suppressing the "fire" command opportunity in the parallel mask calculations 3) revised behavior rankings with new tables either added or enabled, so that the "avoid collision" command is a higher priority 4) giving the bots better control of the planes and 5) enabling several "avoid collision" components that are available in different parts of the program, but are either disabled or just not used in the plane files for some reason.

- This mod also STARTS to address some other strange bot behaviors, but is obviously primarily focussed on the planes.  I believe that, based on what I've done with the planes, eventually the other vehicle behaviors can be significantly improved as well.

First Version 1.0 features:

B-17: Ten (was eight) 1,000 lb bombs, .50 caliber machine guns (didn't add any more, just set muzzle velocity and lethality to more appropriate values, and believe me, this plane is lethal enough now when the existing gun locations are occupied).

BF-109E: Two 7.9mm machine guns added in the engine cowling above the engine, two 7.9mm machine guns in the wings, and one 20mm cannon added, firing through the prop spinner.  Many E's had the 20mm either disconnected or removed, this one doesn't, because it represents the typical cannon mount and size used in most later versions.  The cannon is fired by the secondary fire command.  The icon for the bombs is now a cannon shell icon.

Corsair - Six (was two) .50 caliber machine guns and two 1,000 (was 500) pound bombs, now located at the proper hardpoints under the wings.

Mustang - Same armament changes as the Corsair.

SBD - Two forward firing .50 caliber machine guns and two rear firing .30 caliber machine guns.  No changes other than lethality adjustments for the different caliber guns.

Spitfire XIV - Two .50 caliber machine guns and two 20mm cannons (added) in the wings.

Val - Three 7.7mm machine guns, two forward facing and one rear facing.  No changes other than lethality adjustments.

Yak 9 - Two engine cowling mounted 12.7mm machine guns and one 20mm cannon firing through the propellor spinner.  Existing wing guns removed.  Fixed the annoying camera offset so gunfire lines up correctly on the centerline of the plane.

Zero - Two engine cowling mounted 7.7mm machine guns added and two 20mm cannons mounted in the wings to replace the original machine guns.

Instead of one generic plane gun model as used by the stock game, I have incorporated damage values appropriate for the type of gun.  The cannons and the six .50's used in the Corsair and Mustang will now damage tanks and ships.  The other guns will not, but will have varying lethality against other objects that is now defined by the size of the gun.  Both Corsairs and Mustangs sank numerous ships during the war with machine gun fire only.  You won't be sinking any battleships or carriers this way, but destroyers and smaller can be severely crippled or taken out if you put enough lead into them.  

Both the new cannons and all machine guns have more appropriate muzzle velocities and loadout values for each plane now.  The cannon shells are visible in the air.  Pilots called them "flaming softballs".

Also, cleaned up some bad references I found in the original game code that seemed to make the game more stable for me.  Other small changes I don't remember...

My credits and inspiration:  Seabees BF1942 Construction Battalion (object placement and spawn tutorials), shrp77 (gmakeRFA program), moseley (rfa extractor and rfa maker that gmakeRFA is based on), DICE (for making a great game that has the potential to be PERFECT with some polish), and Colonel Slaine, who's Plane Gun mod made me want to further enhance the planes in this game.

This mod contains significant proprietary code modification work by me.  I reserve the right to approve of the use of the features of this mod in any other mod or for this mod's inclusion in mod collection packs, etc.

- psychoslaphead

Issues, problems, suggestions and other feedback:     

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