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In addition to 1.4 compatibility of MCRTR 1.3 and both Addons, this update/patch brings new effects and gameplay features like vehic...


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In addition to 1.4 compatibility of MCRTR 1.3 and both Addons, this update/patch brings new effects and gameplay features like vehicle breakdowns (tanks can get immobilized without being destroyed), vehicles can be abandoned on a map without self destruction countdown ;-) Game balance and game performance improved. My Betatesters even found bugs that DICE had implemented in RtR ;-) MP mode was tested on DICE Ded. Server 1.4 and on Linux Server Beta 7. See included Readme. I've also attached some older screenshots from the Addons since those vehicles / features are included in this Update.

A very nice mod, and this update makes it even better.

Please note the Requirements, as the mod will not run without them.

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Download '' (8.01MB)

BF 1942 Mod Collection RtR 1.4 Update

This Addon requires the Road to Rome Expansion by EA/DICE plus the official Patch 1.4 and Recruit Snyder's Mod Collection RtR.

This Update includes the complete Dirty Weapons Pack and Bonus Pack (not required to run Mod Collection RtR 1.4).
It will NOT work with the default BF1942 game.

Get Mod Collection RtR here (REQUIRED):

Install this .exe file to your main BF 42 Game folder ("Battlefield 1942") and run the game. Do NOT point the installer to
other directories like "Mods" or "EA GAMES" or so.
The folder "1.4Collection" should appear in your "Mods" folder.
Select this "Mod" in the Custom Game menu ("1.41_Collection_RtR") and thereafter choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer.
(Note to my Beta testers: This Final version will overwrite the Beta, you'll now see version # 1.41 in the Custom Game menu.)

NETWORKING: You have to disable Content Check in the Dedicated Server menu ("Advanced").
Multiplayer mode was tested on Dice Dedicated Server 1.4 (Windows) and Linux Server Beta 7 (thanks to Einste1n).

This 1.4 Update contains:

Changes, fixes and tweaks due to the official 1.4 Patch by DICE/EA - mainly weapons, effects, animations.
No additional vehicles in this 1.4 Update - if you are used to playing the Dirty Weapons Pack.
The new mines (minefields) which were introduced with the DWP will no longer be detonated by infantry. They
will only blow up vehicles ;-)) Oh, and the new "friendly mine" indicator will not work with those minefields.
Some new effects (watch the Katyusha truck firing in 3rd person view to understand what I mean) plus shell ejection effects for
certain weapons, AT guns, Priest, Wespe, Marder III and most planes.
New Blood FX. 3rd person view adjusted (keys F9 - F12).

Vehicles now don't "die" quickly when they are abandoned somewhere on the map - most of them will stay there forever. Even planes
can be repaired anywhere in the desert if you're an engineer or find a repair/maintenance vehicle. Your maintenance vehicle or 
ambulance is a major asset now.

Vehicles now can be IMMOBILIZED. If a vehicle takes too much damage from enemy fire or a smacktard driver, it will 
lose its ability to move. Engine stops. Smoke / fire appears (or not). The ingame vehicle damage bar now is a 'mobility' bar,
if it reaches zero, the engine stops but the vehicle itself is not destroyed. You can either repair it (if you're an 
engineer), call an engineer or a repair/maintenance vehicle (AAGMC or Axis Truck #3). You can leave your vehicle unattended
and return later. Of course, enemy forces could have either destroyed or repaired and occupied your tank or APC in the meantime ;-)

Note: When the engine isn't running, turret/weapons rotation will be remarkably slower. An immobilized tank will 
still be able to defend itself.

The 1.4 machine guns (DP and Type 99) for Brits and Germans in Africa: British Assault gets the Russian DP, German Assault ->
Japanese Type 99. I know, it's not historically accurate - as is BF42. I just wanted to spread the new weapons and offer a
greater variety for your gaming pleasure ;-)) Other theatres (Pacific, Russia, Italy) are not affected.

New rockets for all planes - they are pure AT missiles now (almost no splash damage). They can kill heavy tanks with one shot
but will not harm infantry unless with a direct hit. Of course, they will also kill planes.

EasterEgg revealed: The "undocumented weapon feature" from the DWP ... all AA guns plus the Flakvierling truck plus the Allied
AAGMC quad guns have got a secondary weapon (right click), firing medium AA projectiles. Just for your info ;-))

Major changes to the Stuka types (Ju 87 B and G "Kanonenvogel"): They're really slow now. Like in WW2, they are outdated ground 
attack planes and not built for dogfights. When I say "slow", I mean it ;-))

Airplane ammo/bomb loads adjusted for game balance reasons - several Axis planes have less ammo now. 

Once more, main gun effectiveness adjusted for many tanks (game balance), MG damage to planes reduced, grenade damage to tanks 
now almost zero.

Some minor changes to Axis trucks, Allied APC types and Panzer IV G and FlakPanzer: 2 out of 4 Axis truck types got spare tires 
on the front hood, 2 out of 5 Allied APC types also got spare tires in the rear, Panzer IVG and AA tank got small skirts. Trucks and 
halftracks got new chassis ;-)

Thanks to the Beta testing crew from the forums we found several issues that could be fixed, like the missing LOD mesh
for the British Sten gun (which DICE should have included in the Road to Rome CD since they were referring to that mesh in their 
code), some missing crosshairs for rear gunners in planes (my fault) and the bayonet problem with the engineers: Now the 
engineers got back their knives, no more bayonet. Muzzle flash position adjusted for the Sherman Firefly, Me 110 nose guns fixed.


Dirty Weapons Pack features (included in the 1.4 Update):

Go here for screenshots and feature list: (Bonus Pack) and (Dirty Weapons Pack)

The announced hangarcamper bugfix by Dice (Patch 1.4, tanks no longer get repaired in hangars)

Several AI improvements, some default AI bugs fixed.

"Easteregg": Undocumented weapon feature, will not be shown on the screen (no weapon icon etc.), can be found four times ;)

Some new/improved effects (like: AT/Artillery guns eject empty shells)

Some minor gun placement issues on some maps resolved.

New additional vehicles/weapons:
Mobile Heavy Artillery for Allies MD GMC "Mobile Defgun" - a new APC
Stationary Heavy Artillery for Allies  - HA_Allies

Main content:
Added functionality to many vehicles and weapons.
Additional mines
Additional TNT packs
Deployable and destructible tank and infantry obstacles
Dangerous ambushes can be placed



MD GMC Heavy Artillery: New APC, with a turret in the back, firing a new self-propelled artillery projectile (aka missile).
This weapon does a lot of damage, so I made aiming a little difficult. Not meant as AT weapon (direct hits will not cause
appropriate damage). Blast similar to Defgun.
How to get this vehicle: Find a Priest, jump into the driver's seat, click "fire" (you see the little "torpedo" weapons icon).
The new vehicle is placed right behind the Priest.

Stationary Heavy Artillery: Fires the same missile as the MD GMC. HowTo: Get the new MD GMC (see above), driver's seat, press
IMPORTANT NOTE: Place this object carefully! Do not place it while driving, try to find plain surface, otherwise it might be 
looking weird when it's dug into the ground or hovering above the surface! On a plain surface, the position will be perfect.

Fletcher: Fires the new missiles (main guns) because accuracy and range is superior to the old artillery rounds.

Willy: Driver can place the new tank & infantry obstacle. It consists of a Priest wreck, a burning Willy wreck and barbwire. 
To be used on narrow roads or bridges (or wherever you want). This obstacle cannot be cleared by a tank or by artillery 
(enemy can't "push" it aside with a tank, you can't destroy it with a tank main gun). You need air support (bomber) or 
infantry to destroy it. Engineer: Place an exp-pack near the Priest and detonate. Other infantry: Throw at least two or three 
hand grenades at the Priest. BTW: You can enter the Priest. This obstacle is a good place to get shot by snipers because 
infantry *has* to get closer without cover.
See the above note on placing the object ("plain surface").

M3A1: That's the APC with red cross camouflage and single top MG (bed in the back): Driver can place a minefield (8 new mines) and
up to two AT/Artillery guns wherever he wants. Please place the guns carefully ("plain surface"). The new mines are smaller than 
the engineer's ones, and they detonate when an infantry soldier comes closer than 3 metres - they do not harm soldiers though -
they damage only vehicles. This minefield can be used to kill tanks, of course, and to reinforce the tank obstacle (see Willy).
If properly placed, the mines avoid enemy infantry because they would detonate and destroy the Priest wreck whose blast would kill
enemy infantry. It's a little tricky, I know ;-) ***Changed due to the 1.4 patch: Mines do not affect infantry***


Hanomag AT 75: Driver can place one or two AT guns and minefield - see M3A1.

Updated Trucks:
The Mobile Missile Artillery Truck now is a one-seater - driver is the gunner, no more "smacktard drives away while gunner aims"

AA Truck - no changes, obviously.

Attack Truck: Two-seater with Red Cross disguise. Weapons officer operates placing of the new "TNT Ambush" and minefield.
TNT Ambush: Four new TNT packs placed behind the vehicle. Huge blast when detonated, killing infantry and vehicles. To detonate,
place mines/minefield, throw hand grenades or engineer's exp-pack. Some of the TNT packs might not explode instantly but with a
few seconds delay ;-) The minefield serves as detonator, approaching enemy infantry will cause the mines to explode, thus 
blowing up the TNT.
For minefield details (new mines), see "M3A1".

Supply Truck: Three-seater, Red Cross camouflage, weapons officer can place "TNT Ambush" and minefield (see above).

Marder III and Wespe: Driver can place the new tank & infantry obstacle, Axis version: A Hanomag Wreck, dug in, filled with
explosives, plus gasoline barrels, plus dug-in artillery ammo, plus barbwire. Cannot be cleared by tanks etc., enemy has to
blow the obstacle away (fighter bomb, grenades etc.). Caution: The Hanomag will cause a huge blast when detonated, killing infantry
and vehicles.
Driver can also place a minefield to reinforce the obstacle.


Generally, the new features are available "on demand", so you don't *have* to use them. You may have noticed that the Allies' 
attack capabilities were improved (new mobile & stationary artillery) while additional weapons/objects for Axis are defensive 
So be it ... ;-)
I would suggest you try the new features in a conquest game for yourself - placing the objects properly, clearing the obstacles etc.

BonusPack features (included in the 1.4 Update):

Performance Tweaks:
Due to some features in the Mod Collection RtR players with older machines noticed slow game performance on some maps or
in certain battle situations. Therefore, I am offering this BonusPack to all who want to speed up their Mod Collection RtR.
Of course, you'll get some additional goodies.

Performance issues:

1. Smoke dischargers only on vehicles, no more bazooka/panzerschreck with smoke effects. This will reduce the overall amount of
"battle smoke" on the map. Bazooka explosion with new visual effects.

2. Smoke dischargers on vehicles: Ammo, rate of fire or reload times changed to reduce smoke. 4 vehicle types (two per side) 
with smoke dischargers.

3. Dead bodies: Will stay for a certain period but then disappear sooner than in Mod Collection RtR. Reduces number of objects 
rendered and therefore no more lag - hopefully ;-)

4. Number of vehicles and stationary guns reduced on some maps. Still there's the whole variety of modded tanks, trucks, 
planes etc. but you won't find those huge tank armadas with five M10's and six Shermans and lots of halftracks on one map.


1. Additional heavy maintenance truck for Axis (mobile repair station, can repair all modded vehicles except itself), ammo + 
medical. One MG42. Very slow.

2. Additional engineer halftrack "AAGMC" for Allies, mobile repair station, ammo etc., with 4 AA Brownings in the turret. Slower 
than regular halftracks. (NOTE: Both repair vehicles can only be repaired by heavy tanks - M10, Tiger, T34)

3. Axis smoke discharger truck edited, now has camouflage like regular trucks, new effects.

4. Grant now with additional seats outside for two passengers (like the modded StuG). Very effective smoke discharger.

5. Priest also a 4 seater now.

6. New light artillery: The AT25/Pak40 guns also can fire artillery shells (right click). Not as powerful as the Priest/Wespe.
Ammo reduced (was 500), reload time and rate of fire edited. If you run out of ammo, call for a supply truck ;-)

7. New TankHunter: Marder III; the original Marder III had a 7.62 AT gun or the new Pak 40 7.50 cm mounted on the chassis of 
outdated tank types. My Marder III will show up on certain maps. Be careful, it's not a tank! Of course, the Marder main gun can
not fire artillery shells, you'll need a Wespe for that ;-)

Other changes:
MediBox from RtR on all maps (France, Africa, Russia, Pacific);EXCEPT: Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal.
Number of AA guns reduced, sometimes AA gun replaced by AT gun.
Lots of vehicles/guns/weapons edited.
MG damage to planes reduced. You'll need more than two seconds to shoot down a plane with a MG (unless you're inside the 
new Allied AAGMC)
Odd Menu Background Music.



Thanks to all the 1.4 Beta testers from, German section ( They even found old bugs from version 1.1 ;-))

Great thanks to Moseley and Rexman for their modding tools which made modding possible, and to the editing forum crew.

Have fun,

Recruit Snyder


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