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A personal all time favourite mod, thought to have bit the dust with the release of BF1942 patch 1.5 (He was stuck when Dice added that sill...


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A personal all time favourite mod, thought to have bit the dust with the release of BF1942 patch 1.5 (He was stuck when Dice added that silly function where you needed the specfic expansion CD in the drive, to play expansion pack maps.) The amazing Recruit Snyder has proven once again he's a one man all star mod developer.

As he himself realised, there's just simply so much content to his mod....attempting to describe it with words could easily prove to be a small novel. >_<

You really should check out his website for the massive display of screenshots. I suggest you wear a bib first, as the drool factor is off the scale. :)

NOTE: You MUST have BOTH the Road to Rome and Secret Weapons expansion packs installed to use this mod!!

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Download '' (95.72MB)

BF 1942 Mod Collection PLUS by Recruit Snyder

This Addon requires: 
1. BF 42 1.6 (official patch) 
2. Road to Rome Expansion Pack by EA/DICE
3. Secret Weapons of WWII Expansion Pack by EA/DICE

It includes all previously released Addons to the Mod Collection 1.2 and RtR 1.3 - Gazala Update, SpecOps Addon, BonusPack, Dirty Weapons Pack, 
1.41 Update, 1.43 BoB Update and the Mod Collection PLUS Beta.

It will NOT work with the default BF1942 game or with just one of the official Addons.

Map support: The MCP supports 40 maps (39 COOP/Conquest maps plus the Liberation of Caen map only in Conquest mode). Please note 
that the Raid on Agheila map is NOT supported although it has the yellow "S" icon in the custom game menu.
The following custom maps are supported (download not included, you should download the respective maps and install them for 
default BF42):

- Karst by amaccann
- Rostov by amaccann
- AGM_Tundra by Augustus
- LD_Point_du_Hoc by Cpl. Reynolds/Longest Day Custom Mapping
- LD_Omaha_Day1 by Cpl. Reynolds/Longest Day Custom Mapping
- Wintersturm by Baradein (NOTE: This is a SW only map, install the basic map to your Xpack2 folder)

Please note that those custom maps will show up in your map list but they will crash while loading if you didn't install them to your default
BF42 game! Do not install the maps to the "1.43Collection" mod folder. They are meant for vanilla BF42 (or SW), the Mod Collection PLUS just offers 
"support" so you can play them with either BF42, SW or the MCP.


Delete all previous Mod Collection installs.
Extract this .ace file to your BF42 "Mods" folder ("Battlefield 1942/Mods") and run the game. 
(The folder "1.43Collection" should appear in your "Mods" folder.)

Select this Mod in the Custom Game menu ("1.43Collection") and thereafter choose Singleplayer or Multiplayer. I recommend playing 
"Multiplayer/COOP" instead of Singleplayer. 

NETWORKING: You have to disable Content Check in the Dedicated Server menu ("Advanced"). You will find a maplist containing all 40 maps 
in the "Settings" folder of the MCP. Please note that the default DICE server manager may not display all maps in all modes - Black Bag Ops works fine.
Multiplayer mode was tested on Dice Dedicated Server 1.6 (Windows). 

IMPORTANT: Please have a look at the Mod Collection WIP report with up to 100 pics/illustrations showing the main features and vehicles:

Another forum thread with lots of pics and explanations:

General Features:

The basic features of the former Mod Collection releases were unchanged:

- Blood FX
- 3rd person view
- Dead bodies remain on the maps and disappear after ~ 3 minutes
- Vehicles can be immobilized and abandoned (without self destruction), repaired and re-used;
- Tank hatches and vehicle doors can be opened using the arrow up/down keys
- Repair/Supply vehicles play an important role
- Most tanks got an additional Coax MG gunner position (front hull)
- Certain tanks/SP artillery carry a crew of 4 (two seats outside)
- Shell ejection effects for all artillery units incl. stationary artillery, plus other custom effects for vehicles/weapons.
- NOTE: Droppable objects (like kits, tank obstacles, TNT ambush etc.) require a flat surface, do not place objects while driving.
- MG damage vs. planes reduced. You'll need AA guns to shoot down a plane. Or patience.
- Smoke dischargers for certain vehicles (projectiles can also damage tanks). Bazooka/Panzerschreck also with smoke effects.
- Hand weapons and infantry kits were edited, ammo loads adjusted, inventories edited;

Infantry (classes)

- No AT class in the menu, you get another Assault class instead. AT kits can be picked up on each map (on every ammobox, in most 
bunkers and barracks)
- Each side has two Assault classes with different main weapons and added binoculars
- All available infantry weapons (M1 Garand, Sten, Bren, Johnson, Gewehr 42, Gewehr 43 ZF4, Shotgun, Type 5, DP etc.) are added to the standard kits.
- Additional Heavy Infantry kits (can be placed by certain vehicles):
1. Axis AT: Panzerschreck with additional "Fliegerfaust" functionality - short distance AA shotgun on right_click, no reload animation 
and no ammo refill, after 25 shots you should replace the weapon. Plus a Karabiner 98, binoculars, repair kit.
2. Axis Heavy Sniper: Gewehr 43 ZF4 main weapon plus Karabiner 98 AT rifle with short range AT grenades, multiple explosions, dangerous!
Plus binoculars, repair kit.
3. Allied AT: Bazooka, No. 4 Bayonet, binocs, repair kit.
4. Allied Heavy Sniper: No. 4 Sniper, captured Karabiner 98 AT (see 2.), binocs, repair kit;
The Axis AT kit can be picked up on every map (Ammobox etc.), so everybody can get the AA shotgun.


- Almost all planes got re-worked engines / flight physics and adjusted ammo loads.
- Mosquito and Ju 88C get additional bombardier position/functionality; B-17 with carpet bombing capabilities;
- Ju 88C: single machine cannon (static) for pilot; not for Ju 88A (Britain map only);
- The following fighters got missiles (AT missiles, can penetrate heavy armor, may not harm infantry unless with a direct hit):
Me 109 (fighter version), Mustang, Corsair, Spitfire.
- Machine cannons for certain planes: Me 109E, Me 109J, Me 110, Spitfire, Ho 229;
- Both Ju 87 (Stuka) variants are very slow now. Very slow ;-))
- C-47 with additional dual MG turret and AirFist AA shotgun for rear MG; cockpit monitor for pilot (for B-17 as well); can repair and refill 
ammo for Allied planes in-flight;
- Ju 88C, B-17 and C-47 with mobile spawn point on all maps, so they will be fully manned most of the time.
- Flettner helicopter an certain maps, either in Axis base or linked with control points that can also be captured by Allies. One Axis
heavy truck carries a helicopter transport platform and can be hijacked by Allied forces (hint!); destructible safe on Gazala and Bocage_Mod
is hidden inside a house and controls four Flettners and a soldier spawn. If safe is destroyed, Axis lose their helicopters and soldier 
spawn point. Flettner AI code (beta) added, bots use the heli and the weapons but it's fun to watch them - no need to take cover.
- Allied Airborne Operations Command Tower - destroyable - on Britain map, Mimoyecques, both El Alamein maps: Controls one C-47 with mobile 
spawn point and two mobile Bofors 40 mm AA guns (GMC mounted); if tower is destroyed, Allies lose their plane, vehicles and soldier spawn point.
- AW-52 and Ho 229 carry their regular missiles (made by DICE) with adjusted velocity.
- Special setup for Britain map: Me 109 has no missiles; Me 109J carries smoke bombs to disable AA gun emplacements; Mosquito with mobile radar;
- Generally, some planes got added MG's and/or nose guns, incl. the Zero; Corsair and Mustang with six machine guns;

Land Vehicles

- All land vehicles got reworked physics/engines/armor;
- AT guns (Pak 40 & AT 25) with add'l artillery ammo (right_click) and shell ejection effects;
- Stationary mortars in every repair/supply station; ammo: 188 rounds;

- Six different truck variants for Axis with four different chassis variants.
1. Captured Katyusha missile artillery - one seater, driver = gunner (no AI support for performance reasons, bots use the vehicle but don't fire rockets)
2. Support truck with smoke dischargers, carries medical supplies. Pos. #2 drops TNT ambush or minefields. (No AI support for missiles)
3. Supply Halftrack with heavy MG, spare parts, medical supplies. Pos. #2 drops TNT ambush or minefields. Vehicle heals and repairs within 10 m radius.
4. AA Truck - Heavy truck (long version) with Zwillingsflak (dual 2 cm AA gun); Can also place stationary artillery Pak 40;
5. Heavy truck (extra long version) with Flettner helicopter; helicopter spawns on the truck and can be taken wherever required.
6. Fuel tanker (neutral vehicle, for both sides): Can be found in front of every hangar. Repairs planes (and refills ammo) even in-flight, 
if necessary. Dangerous: No armor, big blast upon destruction, keep away from enemy fire.

- Seven different APC (GMC) types for Allies (most front/rear doors can be opened, arrow up/down keys)
1. M3A1 Ambulance - driver can place two AT25 stationary artillery / AT gun and minefields, MG gunner gets AirFist (short range AA missiles)
2. M4A1 APC with mortar
3. MGMC infantry support (MG with AirFist); driver drops Allied AT and sniper kits;
4. AAGMC supply and repair vehicle with quad MG and mobile radar. Heals & repairs within 10 m radius. MG with add'l mid-range AA ammo (right_click)
5. Mobile Bofors 40 mm AA (GMC mounted) - driver can place two AT25 stationary artillery / AT guns.
6. MDGMC heavy missile artillery (can be placed by Priest driver); can also place two stationary heavy missile artillery units.
7. M3GMC tank hunter with dual MG (rear).

NOTE: Repair vehicles cannot repair themselves - they need a heavy tank / Tiger, M10, T34

- Several Panzer IV variants
1. Panzer IV 3-seater
2. Panzer IV G 3-seater, long barrel with side panels.
3. Panzer IV Flak 3-seater, single 20 mm AA gun with regular turret, side plates
4. Flakpanzer IV (original DICE)
5. Wirbelwind AA tank, new MG for driver, open/flat turret, side panels, add'l mid-range AA ammo (right_click)
6. Panzer IV troop carrier, minelayer.

- Tiger heavy tank with front MG gunner and anti-dive system ;-)); new gun barrel
- Sturmtiger SP artillery 2-seater, coax MG, new gun barrel
- Sturmgeschutz tank hunter; 4-seater, add'l smoke discharger for main gun / right_click, new gun barrel.
- Sherman 3-seater, coax MG (two different chassis and turret variants)
- Sherman Firefly 3-seater, coax MG (two different chassis and turret variants)
- Sherman T 34 w/ Calliope missile launcher, added coax MG position;
- M10/Achilles heavy tank hunter, one-seater, long gun barrel.
- M3Grant medium tank, 4-seater, smoke discharger for main gun, new projectiles for turret gun.
- T-95 super heavy tank, AirFist for MG gunner
- Harley Davidson scout bike - can place Allied AT and sniper kits
- BMW R 75 bike - can place Axis AT and sniper kits
- Civilian car (grey neutral sedan, 4-seater, damaged) on certain maps, Europe and Pacific;
- Hanomag AT 75 tank hunter: features a 75 mm AT gun in top turret, turret hatch to be opened with arrow up/down keys;
driver can place Pak 40 and minefields.
- Hanomag_Express (Ho-Ha license) APC, three MG 42, can place Axis AT and sniper kits; all-wheel drive, all wheel steering, very fast, fragile.
- German Ho-Ha variant (open top): Three MG 42;
- Willy with Browning, 4-seater, 4WD; can place tank obstacle (Priest wreck, Willy wreck, barb wire)
- Kubelwagen with MG42, 3-seater, 4WD;
- Krupp_Protze light truck with AA battery (rear);
- Krupp 5t medium truck (long wheel base) with mortar; driver can lower rear platform (arrow keys); two different chassis variants;
- Wespe SP artillery; can place Axis tank obstacle (Hanomag wreck, barb wire, artillery ammo, steel obstacles) and minefields.
- Marder III tank hunter with 75 mm AT gun; can place Axis tank obstacle and minefields. (No optional artillery ammo for Marder III)
- Water Buffalo LVT4 amphibious APC, smoke discharger for main gun (driver)
- Schwimmwagen amphibious scout car, 4WD;
- Captured Chi-Ha light tank for Brits on some African maps - very fast, 3-seater with coax MG;
- Sexton SP artillery with add'l dual MG (open turret added)
- Priest SP artillery; 4-seater; driver can place MDGMC halftrack;
- T 34; coax MG added
- T 34-85; coax MG added
- Greyhound infantry support & scout vehicle: new chassis & main gun; AirFist for top MG
- Lynx scout car, unarmed;
- Kettenkrad scout vehicle - almost un-edited;
- Some SW units were just adapted to MCP standards but not used on other maps - like the stupid midget planes or the Wasserfall missile.
- SW Jetpack only on SW maps and on one additional map ("Easter Egg");
- Lots of other changes and adjustments


- Fletcher main gun fires long range artillery missiles

Special Features

- Destructible bridges on Peenemunde, Husky, Karst, Wintersturm; (big stone bridge); will not re-spawn; You need tanks/artillery to destroy the bridge;
- Destructible radar bunker: On both El Alamein maps, Gazala (British base); has stationary missile artillery; does not affect ticket count.
- Destructible safe with APC and soldier spawn point: On Gothic Line only; vehicle and Axis spawn point attached to safe. If Allies destroy the safe,
Axis lose their vehicles and soldier spawner. You can destroy the safe with grenades, expacks, tank/artillery etc.
- Airborne Operations Command Tower: After destruction - while tower wreck is visible - the C-47 will still re-spawn, when the wreck is gone it's over.
- Minelayer vehicles: Using the default mines (by DICE) now, custom mines removed from the game.
- TNT ambush (Axis only): TNT packs can be placed by certain vehicles, you need grenades (or engy's expacks) for ignition.

- How to use the Flettner helicopter that spawns on top of the transport truck: You enter the heli by pressing "E" while standing behind the truck.
You release the heli by pressing the "D" or "A" key for a millisecond ;-))
- Lots of new or edited textures/models 

Special Changelog (1.43 -> 1.6 Mod Collection) and known issues

- Tobruk & Battleaxe Map: Paratroopers removed, both maps are similar to the default maps now. Bocage SpecOps is the only remaining map from the 
SpecOps Addon. Tobruk has vehicles and stationary weapons.
- Tank obstacles (Axis & Allied version): Can be destroyed by tank/artillery now. Allied version: Try to hit the Priest wreck, not the Willy wreck.
- AI support: Bots use all vehicles and weapons now, except for: Katyusha rockets (performance reasons), German smoke discharger truck (performance),
and bots cannot place objects on maps. I know, they could be manipulated to drop kits, tank obstacles or AT guns, but they wouldn't use those features 
in a sensible way, so I decided to reserve those for human players. And of course, bots don't pick up kits in BF42.
- Flettner helicopter AI: Bots can't fly helis in BF42. Period. The engine cannot handle the controls required to fly a heli. So bots are just *trying*
to fly, it may look weird but they use the weapons, I've seen a bot in a Flettner shooting down a B-17 over Gazala with my own eyes, but these 
are rare moments ;-))
- Vehicle speed and weapons (ammo): Lots of changes have been made for balancing (and game performance) reasons.

HINT: If you want to try out all new vehicles and weapons, play "El_Alamein_Multitank_MOD" - that's the map with all the good stuff, almost everything
in one place ;-))

Original Game Bugfixes

The following minor bugs in BF42 or Expansion Packs have been fixed:

- Sexton: Missing dynamic shadow added (1.6 patch)
- Type 99: Missing texture for LOD mesh added (1.4 patch)
- Stengun: Missing LOD mesh added (RtR)
- Pak 40: Scrapmetal effect: Missing mesh added (RtR)


There only a few third-party items left from the 2002 Mod Collection 1.2 ... for instance, DaCrapper's Tiger main gun barrel replacement for Sherman Firefly 
and Panzer IVG (plain coding), Azag-Toth's strange Golden Wrench skin, Feed's Willy w/Browning (one of the first vehicle minimods for BF42) and Tangabugler's 
Kanonenvogel  - all for BF42 V. 1.0
I adapted them and kept them in the Mod (and updated/tweaked them every time a new patch came out) out of sentimentality, they remind me of the 
good ol' days of BF42 modding, when everything began ...

I wish to thank my beta testers from (staff & community) and from the forums, my Alpha testers Thai-Stix, BlackLynx, J. McTavish 
and especially Rolo Tomasi for his patience during our trans-atlantic debugging sessions after the 1.6 patch came out ;-))
Thanks to Rusty for his ongoing news coverage on

Great thanks to Moseley and Rexman for their modding tools which made modding possible, and to the former ACUTUS / editing forum crew.

Have fun,

Recruit Snyder


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