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Here's a nice map made by bumsoft. seems like he put some effort into this. very nice job bumsoft.!



***** Remagen by Bumsoft *****

This map is based on the Battle for Remagen bridge in March 1945, where the US soldiers fought the Germans in the air and on the ground for control over the last bridge over the Rhine. If you have any suggestions of how i can improve the map, email me at [email protected]


just copy the Remagen RFA file into your Mods/BF1942/Archives/BF1942/levels folder.
level requires BF1942 1.6

***** AFEW DETAILS *****

+ only the Americans have a permanent base.
+ the game starts with 2 German flags, 2 American flags and 3 neytral control points.
+ This is a conquest-head on map.
+ The "Airfield" control point is the German main command post.
+ The me109s represent ME262s and the stukas represent Arado 234s. If anyone knows how to import these models into the game, please contact me.
+ this map is optimised for conquest/CTF.


+ The German have air superiority. use flak well and don't let the n00bs fly the planes.
+ Using your higgins boats to sneak around the Germans is a very good tactic.
+ Try to keep alot of frontline troops with automatic weapons. ie don't let everyone be snipers or "taxi drivers".
+ Taking occupied towns will be hard - with or without armoured support.
+ The area to the right of the main battlefield is hilly and an flanking force here would be hard to spot.
+ There will be snipers everywhere! don't stand in one spot for too long!


+ You have air superiority - make good use of it.
+ your base is along way from the frontline. don't drive off without giving someon a lift.
+ your machineguns in Unkel and Scheuren are strategically positioned. covering roads and flags but keeping out of reach from snipers.
+ always watch the river - the Americas will indefinately try to sneak around you.
+ the thick hederows will make ideal places for ambushes.
+ The engineer is probably the optimal class for this map.

***** NOTES *****
+ I'm sorry if the north bank of the river isn't quite accurate. i had only maps for the soth bank.
+ I'm sorry that there are no shadows. The shadow generation process was really F***ed up on my PC. I might get it working for v2.0.
+ The bridge with railway across is my best representaion of the real bridge.
+ some of the extra river systems on the south bank are fictional.
+ if you know how i can import an Me262 from a mod or if you can make an AR234/ludendorf bridge, i would be very thankful. if can do any of these things, email me.
+ any problems? email me at [email protected] or post them at the files page.
+ enjoy!!!

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