Ring of Fire (bug fixed)

Well as the British/Austrailians/New Zealanders and Canadians where also fighting the in the Pacific theatre i thought it only fair t...


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Well as the British/Austrailians/New Zealanders and Canadians where also fighting the in the Pacific theatre i thought it only fair that we should have a map with the British and Japanese in it, and lets face it Zero's and Spitfires in the same map!!!

The map is CTF only and was designed for CTF play as many conquest maps just dont cut it for CTF (my personal opinion dont flame me!) and as i love CTF as i think there is a better level of teamwork in CTF games and there is such a buzz in seeing your team defending the flag carrier while at the same time giving the flag carrier thier tanks and planes to get back to the base with when there is no points in it now thats team work!

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Download 'ring_of_fire_fixed.zip' (16.28MB)

Thank you for downloading Ring Of Fire Version 1.0 22 March 2003

Important Note
Please be aware that this is a Capture the Flag Map only!.


Created BY Pitmatic
Email [email protected]
or drop by the Faust and Turdy Forum at http://www.turdy.co.uk

This Zip File contains:

and this readme_Ring_of_FIre.txt which your reading....i hope


Copy the ring_of_Fire.RFA map to your ....battlefield1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels folder

Then join a multiplayer game and thats it 


just delete ring_of_Fire.RFA from the levels folder.

Whats it all about then:
This map is based on the Coral sea map Created by Dice/EA

All the islands joined up
No ships at all anywhere
Very short runways if you cant take off and land on a sixpence your stuffed
But most importantly this is a British versus Japanese Map!!!!
YES SPITS V Zeros!!! (calm calm...)

Each side has a base with
4 Jeeps
3 Light Tanks (4 in Axis Base chi-ha's are a bit weak)
1 Halftrack
1 Self Propelled Gun
2 AA guns
2 Def Guns (2 more on outer faces of islands)
4 Landing craft

The centre base has
2 AA guns
1 Light Tank
1 Halftrack
2 Jeeps

Gameplay hints
Very few ammo boxes so make use of the Halftracks!!
All vehicals dont float you have been warned!!
Team play!! 

Known issues
Stange shadows at certain points of the landscape and some buildings/objects have no shadows
(i cant afford 3D studio!! and there is at the time of creation no tools available to me to do this)
if there is anything serious let me know

Tools used
RFA extractor by moseley
Gmake RFA By shrp77 based on moseleys makerfa
Notpad (a lot of notepad
Daylon Leveler
Madbulls Map editor

Battlefield1942 (of course)

Tutorial sites
Seabees site very informative and simple
also worth checking out

Playtester credits
Col Crusty
Bad Boy Benji

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