RM Secret Base

here is Paikan_69's third map enjoy


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here is Paikan_69's third map enjoy

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Download 'rm_secret_base.rar' (29.5MB)

*****************Multiple battle. 

All the flags can be captured.

Naval battle in first and debarquement in the port, ground battle after with a bridge to control and for the end a urban battle by foot.
Abandon vehicles don't auto-destroy, the 4 start flag can olny takeable by US Team.
  :) Have fun!!!*****************************


Installation Instructions :C:/Programes Files/EA Games/Battlefield 1942/Mods/bf1942/levels/

File Info 
Map bf 1942 mod conquest/assault.
Version: 2.0 beta 
Developer name : Paikan_69
size: 38.6 Mo
Mail : paikanelea69@hotmail.com

Objectives US : Take 4 FLAGS for stop tickets countdown and 2 more flags for win.
Obectives Axes : Resist as long as you can. 

 Have FUN.....

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