Rolling Thunder

A map that sees Russia and Japan fight for control of a forested island. Air and armor support is crucial to victory.


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A map that sees Russia and Japan fight for control of a forested island. Air and armor support is crucial to victory.

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Rolling Thunder
a Battlefield 1942 map
by RussianComrade

Gametypes: Conquest, Coop/SP

Map Type: Assault

Map Size: Medium

 - AA_Allies
 - AichiVal
 - Black Medal
 - Chi-Ha
 - Daihatsu
 - Hatsuzuki
 - Ilyushin
 - Katyusha
 - Shokaku
 - T-34/85
 - Yak-9
 - Zero

Tools Used: 

 - Battlecraft 42 & Editor42 (map creation and editing, pathmapping)
 - Photoshop 7.0 (skinning, skybox editing)
 - winRFA (extracting RFA files), packRFA (packing RFA files)
 - SinglePlayer Creator (basic SP support and converting pathmaps to world textures)
 - GenPathMaps (converting pathmaps for editing)
 - Notepad (coding)
 - 3DS Max 7 (3D modeling)


And another map from me, this time a Russia vs Japan scenario.  Some Russians be chillin' on an island, and the Japanese aren't very happy about that.  So it's all Russia's friends and all Japan's friends in the alley tonight.

This was, incidentally, one of my very early maps.  I found it on a backup CD a few days ago, got all nostalgic, and decided to update it.  Originally it was a lot of planes and very little action otherwise, but now it's evened out a bit with something for the pilots, tankers, artillery whores like me, AA gunners, and of course infantry.

Holding three of the four points on the island creates ticket bleed.  The Russians already hold one point (their main base), while the Japanese have to land on the island first from their destroyer and carrier.  In Coop/SP, the Japanese have only the carrier, but are already in possession of the beach point.

I've taken the liberty to do a bit of tweaking to the Yak-9 in this map.  Aside from the new skin, I moved the machine guns to the historically accurate position on the top of the nose, and replaced the bombs with rockets.  The rockets aren't particularly powerful, and at long ranges they lose control and start spiraling randomly.  You'll need to fire most, if not all of them in one salvo at a target for the best chances of a hit and kill.  They have the same power as a bazooka, so direct hits are pretty much a necessity.  As an interesting side note, the rocket is a scaled-down version of the Katyusha rocket, whereas in real life the Katyusha's rockets were a scaled-up version of the RS-82 rockets the Yaks were sometimes fitted with.

Move 'Rolling_Thunder.rfa' to your levels directory, in my case:

C: -> Program Files -> EA Games -> Battlefield 1942 -> Mods -> bf1942 -> Archives -> bf1942 -> levels

For uninstalling, just delete the RFA file. Oh wow, that was hard.


You can give it out to your friends, edit it, or make new maps based on it but just don't take credit for stuff you didn't do, or make money out of it.  I wouldn't appreciate that.

If this busts your computer in any way, I'm not responsible.  Sorry, but it was your decision to put it on your computer.


EA/Dice and so forth.

Battlefield Singleplayer forums, at for aiding in my understanding of all things AI.


Any problems, suggestions, or comments, email me at:

russian_comrade AT hotmail DOT com

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