SBD Enhancement



After a quick release yesturday, here is a fixed version of the mini mod. Take your download if you downloaded yesterdays release.



SBD enhancement Patched to version 0.2

Now ive patched the AI so they can use the enhanced SBD-T and changed it so it fires 4 missiles! basically its the torpedoes but with a slightly powerfull firing boost. Theres no smoke for them due to the fact that there auctually ment to be underwater, and what i tryed didnt work.
The AI can use these and they will. Believe me, they line you up. Just like they would when shooting at you with their plane guns. Only chance of them firing at you with the "missiles" is when your in a vehicle. Or manning the AA.
Ill release a new version soon that will have changes to counteract this SBD.

Also The SBD that spawns on the Aircraft Carrier drops 2 more bombs. Making a total of 6.
Take a look at the screenshot to see the SBD-T "Missile" plane.

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