SBD with Katyushas



kamikaze SGT has been working hard with his second of three mini mods.



Despite what you may think,. its not that powerfull.
I didnt like this mod because they fired down., and were to slow. Not to mention not powerfull enough.
The only thing thats good is that theres smoke. Which i was trying to get with the Missiles in the other mod.

When the SBD spawns the torpedos are still there, you cant auctually see the katyushas.
I wouldive edited the katyushas to make it better, but i dont want to change the katyusha it self.
i suppose this would be good to fly around with once your use to how they aim.
Theres a small distance between when you fire them and when they start to curve downwards.

anyway. download it if you like, and let me know what you prefer, missiles(torps) or katyusha rockets.

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