SBD with Missiles



kamikaze SGT has been working hard with his second of three mini mods. This one focus on the airplane with missiles.



Yes thats right. Missiles!
Basically all i did is changed the torpedo's so they dont drop, just fire foward, unfortunatly there is no smoke from them. They go straight and are powerfull.

Now the AI uses these, like you would, the auctually aim. Ive changed the programming of them so they wont "drop" them like a bomb.
So make sure if your the japs, you knock it out of the sky before they get you, or take it, because it is deadly. If your Allies use it wisely.
As it IS deadly!
Take a look at these numbers below. It shows you how many "passes" it takes for you to sink ships. Each pass both "missiles" hit.
Submarine - 1 Pass
Destroyer - 3 Passes
Cruiser - 11 Passes
Aircraft Carrier - 35 passes
So you have a chance to shoot it down.

The only maps this is available on is Midway and Wake
Midway its available with all modes.
Wake only CTF

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