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If you're a server admin that does not allow base camping on your server, these maps are for you! Sebstinator has taken resources from [url=...


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If you're a server admin that does not allow base camping on your server, these maps are for you! Sebstinator has taken resources from here to create these maps. Most people ask, do clients have to download the maps? No! These maps are all server side, just upload them in the levels directory of your server and you're set! No more worries about kicking base campers! Instead, you can laugh at them when they die!

Please note that nothing in the maps has really changed (other than flags being added in Kursk and a plane being added on Bocage), the only thing these modded maps are for is to kill base campers.

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Download 'sebstinators_death_bubble_maps.rar' (37KB)

SeBsTiNaToR's RFA's updated Friday April 1st 2005

Author: =¦LaL¦= SeBsTiNaToR
Locked n Loaded BF1942 & DC clan

Contact: Lockednloaded Forum - Public section => Forum

Hours spent on making and bugfixing these SSM's (server side modifications)... countless =/ lol :D


Mappack includes
14 rfa map files
1 txt readme file


1. Why?
2. SSM - Server Side Modding
3. The Death Bubble
4. Modded maps
5. Installing the maps
6. Can more be done to the maps?
7. Problems & Solutions
8. Thanks to...

================ 1. Why? ==================

After a while as a server admin on a server that doesn't allow basecamping it starts to get a bit annoying when you have to interupt your game just to kick another smacktard (there are SOOOOO many out there!!!). I played on a couple of DC servers that had protection against basecamping, much like the drowning or going out of bounds effects. As soon as anyone entered the enemy noncap they started to bleed. I asked around on such servers to find out how to do this, but the general reply was something like "google it" or "it's our secret". 
Anyway a while a go, one of our clanmembers *cough* Ironhead *cough* found this site,, that was totally dedicated to SSM and it had a basic tutorial on how to stop basecamping. Having a bit of experience in map making etc. I took it on me to try and figure it out. When I knew the basics of modding maps I had a hard time getting the anti-basecamping measures to work ok in regular BF1942, most of the info out there seems to be on DC or FH. Anyway this HITMAN82 guy (THX a million) had found a way to make it work on regular EL_Alamein and I tried his method and it worked. 

Now I've modded all maps that our clan considers having non-caps and on those maps I've locked the planes to the home team. I've also made some other changes, like adding planes and flak guns etc but these changes have been ignored in my code using 'rem' (remark) lines before them. We didn't want to much to change right away =)


====== 2. SSM - Server Side Modding =======

Server Side Modding means modding maps so that the changes can be run server side, i.e. right of the server only so that anyone playing doesn't have to change or download anything on their system. To do this the changes are limited to using what is already in the mod and map in question, e.g. in bf1942 maps you can switch a BF109 for a Stuka but you can't use vehicles from another mod like DC's F14, Mig's and Harrier etc. But since BF1942 is the basis for all mods you can use vanilla objects when SSM'ing the maps of other mods, e.g. you CAN add a B17 in DC. 

Too find out more go to

========= 3. The Death Bubble =============

Know how going close to a medic or ammo box heals or resupplies u? That is just how a DB work, only the other way around. It has been set to drain life with a negative supply/healing value. The object most commonly used in my maps is the one normally connected to the carriers (that reloads planes over deck). When used alone it is invisible. The radius has been set to somewhere between 50 to 300 meters depending on map size etc. 

========== 4.  Modded maps ================

Battle of the Bulge - 2 DB's are covering axis main

Battleaxe - 1 DB in each main, planes are locked

Berlin - 2 DB's in allied main, the outer one hurts all axis units, the inner DB will only kill infantry but it's very quick

Bocage - 1 DB in each main, planes are locked, a stuka on axis runway has been remmed out, to put ingame remove the 'rem's before all lines related to the stuka in the objectspawns.con 

El Alamein - 1 DB in each main

Gazala - 1 DB in each  main, planes in non-caps are locked, planes in open airfield are still unlocked.

Guadalcanal - 1 DB in each main, planes are locked

Kharkov - 1 DB each main, planes are locked, extra flak in each main has been 'remmed' out. To add them, delete the 'rem's in all lines related to the flaks/aas

Kursk - 1 DB each main, planes are locked

Omaha Beach - 1 DB spawns as allies captures the beach, before that the axis team is free to move on the beach. The DB disappears when the map restarts or moves to second/third/etc. round.

Liberation of Caen - 1 DB covers allied main

Market Garden - 1 DB each main, planes are locked

Stalingrad - 1 DB each main

Tobruk - 1 DB covers axis main

=========== 5. Installing the maps ===============

1. Put all mapname_008.rfa's in your servers bf1942 map folder, where all the vanilla maps are.

2. Enjoy!

=========== 6. Problems & solutions ===============

1. Prob: "Installed" the maps, they don't seem to work

Solution: If you run a Linux server you must make sure that the rfa files are named with small letters only, otherwise the server will ignore them. Don't know what else could cause this, install em again and make sure you put em in the right folder.

2. Prob: Vehicles leave a burning hulk when killed by a DB, sometimes going close to one of those hulks kill you.

Solution: First make sure that the killrate for the vehicle in question is set to -1 hitpoint/sec, anything else will leave a hulk. This might still happen, no matter what is done, as long as there is a DB in the map but it's not very likely unless you try to cause it. Kick who ever keeps camping, or intentionally try to clog up roads etc. with tank hulks. The hulks disappear as soon as the map is restarted. By the way, the battlefield looks a bit more alive with the hulks, doesn't it.

3. Prob: People complain of other strange things like tanks being weaker in general, jeep dying for nothing etc. 

Solution: Whiners!!! Trust me on this one, it has NOTHING to do with the maps being modified. It is simply their way of explaining why they came out short this time... if it isn't lag it has to be the maps right ;-) 

4. Any other issues, feel free to let me know through our forum, but don't expect me to fix it for you, I might but I won't promise.

========= 7. Can more be done to the maps? =======

Sure, you can add, remove and switch vehicles, add a LCAC Hovercraft to DC Final maps, remove parachutes, changes projectiles, add a scud explosion to the car horn in the civilian car in DC etc. etc. So much to do, and you can learn how to mod server side at

============ 8. Thanks to... =====================

THX to everyone over at and their forum for their info on server side modding.

THX to HITMAN82 for finding out how to use carrier supply depots to get DB's to work in vanilla. I use _008.rfa's just because he did and at first, when I was a noob, I thought it was necessary to use that extension (you can use _001, _004, _007!!! etc. as long as u don't overright the _000.rfa and _003.rfa that EA/DICE used when they updated the vanilla maps).


Good Luck! You'll hopefully take as much pleasure as I do when you see a smacktard go into a non-cap, just to die by the hands of the DB, and say "wtf, mate!!!". 


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