SH oppland forest

here is a SH fan map looks like a tank battle, enjoy


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here is a SH fan map looks like a tank battle, enjoy

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Download 'sh_oppland_forest.rar' (25.7MB)

======SH Oppland Forest======By: =[SUX]= Lt. Speirs

 1. Installation Instructions: These are simple instructions.....Just copy and 
			       paste this map into your SilentHeroes map directry.

                               C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\silentheroes\Archives\bf1942\levels

 2. File Info: This map is for Silent Heroes Mod for EA's BattleFeild1942. Map created by a 
               SH fan who had the guts to create a custom Map. This map is set in norway,   
               during the cold winter. Sweden has to shutdown Norway from receiving munitions 
               from the railroads coming out of the town near the oppland forest. 
               Basic tank battle. NO air support!!!

 3. BF/DC, SH mapper......=[SUX]= Lt. Speirs

   email: [email protected]
   msn: [email protected]

 4. Enjoy!!!                    :)

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