Replaces the standard spitfire skin with something a bit more "shagadelic".


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Replaces the standard spitfire skin with something a bit more "shagadelic".

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"Shagfire" by Wintermute

General information:

Thing skinned: Spitfire (English plane found on all North Africa maps other than Tobruk)
Description: What the Spitfire would have looked like if flown by Austin Powers.
Notes:  Reflection mapping often seems to disappear from angles or at a distance - this is, as far as I know, a problem with Battlefield 1942 and not my skin.  If you know I'm wrong please let me know why and how I can fix this.  Also, if you have environmental mapping turned off you will not be able to see any reflection effects.
Coming in later versions: Edited cockpit view, changed icon next to damage meter.
Current version: Beta 1
Contact (feedback or suggestions):

Files inlcluded: (main skin) (the blurred spinning propeller) (one these two makes the cockpit glass invisible from the third person view...not sure which one, but feel free to experiment and let me know.

Terms and Conditions of use:

You may not distribute a modified version of this skin under any circumstances.  You may not distribute this skin without an unmodified version of this readme file.  You may not claim this skin as your own.  Other than that, do what you like.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you must delete all files pertaining to this skin from any computer or media device you have immediately and without transfer or backup.

Installation instructions:

-Download Moseley's RFA extractor here (you need Microsoft's .NET framework):
-Open the RFA extractor, go to File->Open, and browse to your Battlefield 1942\Archives directory.  Open texture.rfa and go to Extract->Extract All.
-Unzip the contents of this folder to your new Battlefield 1942\texture (you may want to backup the files first, although you can always reextract them from texture.rfa).

If you need more help with the installation then please do not e-mail me about it.  Instead, ask here:

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