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The latest version of the Swedish Silent Heroes mod server files.


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The latest version of the Swedish Silent Heroes mod server files.

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Download 'silentheroes.beta.0.48.digitalsoftware.server.package.rar' (19.94MB)

Silentheroes 0.48 

Major Changes: 
- 1 New map, Flisa. 
- 2 new weapons, several new kits. 
- New version of Tiger added: Hydra-pods and .50 cal MG-pods. 
- New sounds for weapons chambering 7.62 and 5.56. 
- All armoured vehicles had their damagelevel from water tweaked heavily. 

Small Changes: 
- New little effect for when soldiers die... 
- Coop-support added to Aberdeen and Narvik. 
- Bullet-count in magazines are shown visual now, textcounter removed. 
- Engineers repair-bar shows the same color as the health of the vehicle he is working on. 
- Fourth health-level added to vehicle-GUI. 
- New startingpoint for Norwegians on Dalen and other fixes. 
- Many explosions and hit-effects updated. 
- All large-caliber guns now properly shows hiteffects when hitting trees. 
- Many soundscripts tweaked and improved. 

Known issues: 
- The ships are not available on any maps - yet - and therefor not fully included in update. 

Included SilentHeroes maps [16]: 
- Aberdeen* 
- Engerdal 
- Engerdal Day2* 
- Flisa 
- Ingenmansland 
- Kongsheim 
- LingonStigen 
- Myren 
- Narvik* 
- SH Dalen* 
- SH Hillside 
- SH Rennesoy Island 
- SH Wake* 
- Skogsvag 
- Svinesund 
- Tallskogen* 

* = Also has Coop-support! 

Included BF42-maps with COOP and Conquest-support [16]: 
- Battle of the Bulge 
- Battleaxe 
- Berlin 
- Bocage 
- El Alamein 
- Gazala 
- GuadalCanal 
- Iwo Jima 
- Kharkov 
- Kursk 
- Market Garden 
- Midway 
- Omaha Beach 
- Stalingrad 
- Tobruk 
- Wake 

Full Change-logg: 

-=[ 0.48 ]=- {Public Beta Build: 2004-11-26 02:05} 
- Fixed: Damage from water against all armoured vehicles heavily tweaked. 
- Fixed: Visual range of particles slightly increased. 
- Fixed: Lod-ranges for soldier-models increased. 
- Fixed: New ammo-icons for 7.62 and 5.56 weapons. 
- Added: Simpelmesh for Kpist M45. 
- Fixed: New ammo-icons for PSG90 and AG90. 
- Fixed: MBT LAW-skin updated - still WIP though. 
- Added: Structure Timmer_1-house. 
- Fixed: Transparency-issue with TGB20s windows. 
- Added: More winter-versions of textures added. 
- Fixed: Map Flisa updated. 

-=[ 0.47c ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Added: Map Aberdeen now supports COOP. 
- Added: Winter-textures to some static objects. 
- Added: More versions of sounds for when capturing flags. 
- Fixed: Several kit had their weapon-priority corrected. 
- Added: More kit-variations with m45. 
- Added: Repair-bar now shows health-status on the vehicle through color. 
- Fixed: Map Dalen was AI-updated to take advantage of the new start-location and heli. 
- Fixed: Flare-effect tweaked and the weaponhandling altered. 
- Added: Icon for Kpist m45. 
- Fixed: Map Dalen updated with new kits and all flags got bigger capture-zones. 
- Fixed: Map Flisa updated, spawntables, fogsetting and now uses the new AT-kits. 
- Fixed: Map SH Wake updated, fogcolor corrected, dual AI-maps removed and boats are locked. 
- Fixed: Map Rennesoy Island updated, new kits and HKP14_drop is no longer left with the keys in it. 

-=[ 0.47b ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Added: Map Flisa. 
- Fixed: Texture and model for MBT LAW updated. 
- Fixed: Ammo-limit on refillboxes in CVs and HKP14 removed. 
- Fixed: Some entrys in lexicon-file corrected. 
- Fixed: Flare-effect tweaked. 

-=[ 0.47 ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: Flare-effect updated. 
- Fixed: Reworked sound-files for helicopters - more global handling. 
- Fixed: Helicopter warning-sound is no longer heard over a distance. 
- Fixed: SH_dalen updated with another start-position and vehicle for Norwegian side. 
- Fixed: Reworked menu-code for damage-levels. Should remove any (rare) cases of incorrect level being shown. 
- Fixed: Added 'EVACUATE!'-status level to burning vehicles. 
- Fixed: AI for Hauk and Tiger_B added. 
- Fixed: Finally solved DICE-bugg with sniperoverlay appearing when using camera in an artillery. 
- Fixed: Recovery for machineguns when walking and turning increased with 25%. 
- Fixed: Machineguns deviance-penalty for standing position decreased with 6.9%. 
- Fixed: KSP90 deviance-buildup when firing reduced with 4.7%. 
- Added: M45 to Swedish side. 
- Fixed: 9x19mm Parabellum base-damage increased with 20%. 
- Added: MBT LAW added. 
- Fixed: Map Aberdeen slightly updated. Centerflag has bigger cap-zone and several MBT-kit is added. 
- Added: New sounds for when capturing flags. 
- Fixed: Skymap on SH_Wake corrected. 

-=[ 0.46 ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: Rewrote some of DICEs menu-kod to reduce load for some clients. (released as quick.fix) 
- Fixed: CVs not spawning correctly on western flag on Aberdeen. 
- Added: PreCache-file for Aberdeen. 
- Fixed: Changed back to snow from snowy grass on Aberdeen. 
- Fixed: All BFs soldier-models heavily lod-tweaked. 
- Added: PreCache-file added to all 16 BF-maps. 
- Added: Tiger_B to Norwegian side. 
- Added: PreCache-file added to SH_Wake. 
- Fixed: Mouselook removed from NM142 TOW. 
- Added: The ship Hauk to Norwegian side. 
- Added: Coop-support for map Narvik. 
- Fixed: AI-behaivor updated. 
- Fixed: KSP58 had wrong sounds at High-quality-setting. 6 months and not a single bug-report... :] 
- Added: New sounds to AK5. 
- Fixed: Handguns chambering 5.56 heard over 33% longer distance. 
- Fixed: Machineguns now heard over 66% longer distance. 
- Fixed: Redone effects for grenades, M203 and M203 on ground-effects. 
- Fixed: Redone and added effects to tank-cannons 120mm and 105mm shell-explosions. 
- Fixed: Now all vehicles weapons should now have visual hitindication on trees, as handguns has. 
- Added: New effects for when soldiers die. 
- Fixed: Tweaked life-time for CVs 30/40mm ejected shells. 
- Fixed: AI-code for soldiers updated - should increase bots aggression towards helicopters. 
- Added: New damagetable for Mistral-missile. 
- Added: New sound to AG3. 
- Fixed: Soundscript for MSG90. 
- Fixed: Trail-effect for Pskott/AT-4 tweaked. 
- Added: Background battlenoise to map SH_Wake.

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