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Well here it is the first big patch for Silent Heroes, it features a whole slew of updates and some new stuff such as a new map(i included a...


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Well here it is the first big patch for Silent Heroes, it features a whole slew of updates and some new stuff such as a new map(i included a screen below) some new soldier skins couple of weapons and tanks as well, they also tweaked balancing a tad. It feel very tight now so check it out!

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- Fixed: Updates some Lexicon-entrys.
- Fixed: Several weapon and ammo-icons updated.
- Fixed: Increased TOW speed, acceleration and drop-rate.
- Fixed: M203 and AG36-grenades decreased from 6 to 4.
- Fixed: Handgrenades decreased from 6 to 4.
- Fixed: Animation inconsistency that sometimes made MG3-gunners walk with crooked backs.
- Added: New regiment: MJK (Marinens Jaeger kommando)
- Added: C8 with ag36 to MJK.
- Added: C8 with aimpoint to MJK.
- Added: C8 with scope to MJK.
- Fixed: Lexicon-entries for AG3's corrected.
- Fixed: Gboat collision-issue that made it destroy other vehicles very easy.
- Fixed: New icons in the spawn-menu.
- Fixed: Map Ingenmansland updated.
- Fixed: Decreased reload-speed for helicopters.
- Fixed: 5.56, 7.62 and 7.62-underkalibrated got its damage vs helicopters decreased.
- Fixed: TOW damage increased by 20%.
- Added: NM142 to the Norwegian side.
- Fixed: The maps of Narvik, Skogsvag, Myren and Lingonstigen was updated.
- Fixed: Fixed some issues with Grkpbv90120.

-=[ 0.31a ]=- {Internal Beta Patch}
- Fixed: Soldier voice-distances retuned.
- Fixed: Relocated supply-depots in xa-180/xa-180N to comply with new soldier-placements.
- Fixed: Reverted back to having no attack-angle on HKP14, for easier flying for keyboard-users.
- Fixed: Grenade splash-distance lowered.
- Added: Strf9040 and cv9030 now has ammo-depots for passangers.
- Fixed: Binoculars recieved proper zoom.
- Fixed: Wheel-placement on xa-180 and xa-180N now properly aligned with chassi.
- Fixed: HKP9 had its PCO-TOW removed. To high skill-level and lack of pilot-radar.
- Fixed: Skogsvag, Ingemansland and Lingonstigen updated.
- Fixed: Non-guided TOW recoded.
- Fixed: Narvik updated.
- Fixed: Aberdeen updated, winter-version of tanks updated to latest MODversion; no more drunk tracks.
- Fixed: A lot of weapon-icons updated and added.
- Fixed: GBoat physics remodeled.
- Added: New unique damagetables for Leo1s 70mm canon.
- Fixed: Increased self-illumination on tracers for MBTs and CVs.
- Fixed: Rewrote HKP9-rocket characteristics again.
- Fixed: Non-guided-TOW damage increased.

-=[ 0.31 ]=- {Internal Beta Build: 2004-01-12 13:37}
- Fixed: Tweaked smoke-effect from explosions.
- Fixed: Broken explosion-effect for TGB5N corrected.
- Fixed: Tweaked fire-effect for Strf9040/cv9030.
- Added: Tracer-eluminated projectile for cannons.
- Fixed: Tweaked and retouched projectile trail-effect.
- Fixed: Tweaked projectile-speeds for 30mm and 40mm Strf-guns
- Added: MSG90 to Norwegians - Ultima Ratio removed.
- Fixed: Tweaked projectile-speeds for all MBT's.
- Added: Serverinfo-ikon for easy spotting of server in BFs server-browser.
- Fixed: HKP11 now has correct _wreck-model for it's tail and rotor.
- Fixed: KSP90-recoil reduced by 15%.
- Fixed: AK5x accuracy on first shot increased with 8%.
- Fixed: AK5x-recoil tweaked over the variations.
- Fixed: AK5x-fire devience reduced by 20%, for smoother build-up.
- Fixed: Ag3/AK4-fire devience reduced by 20%.
- Fixed: Updated _wreck-models for Belll412 and HKP11.
- Added: Leo1 recieved its own _wreck-models.
- Fixed: Leo1 now uses its own die-effect and scrap-parts.
- Fixed: Spawn-flags can now be planted even when prone.
- Fixed: Spawn-flags no longer damage vehicles.
- Fixed: Changed effect for Pskott m86/AT-4 -blast.
- Fixed: Updated damagetables for blast-damages for several weapons.
- Added: Grkpbv90120 to Swedish forces.
- Fixed: Fixed several explosions-effects impact-force on soldiers.
- Fixed: Splashdamage for grenades and M203 versus troops increased.
- Fixed: 7.62-underkalibrated damage versus body-armour increased with 20%.
- Fixed: Landmine-settings tweaked to reduce chance of wheeled vehicles avoiding it.
- Fixed: Increased mine stay-time to 20 minutes from 6 minutes.
- Fixed: AG3-skin updated to proper colors.
- Fixed: Animation-hickup on AK4s that preventet mag to be properly binded.
- Fixed: xa-180 and xa-180N-physics remodeled.
- Added: New model and skins for PSG90. PSG90 added to Swedish infantry.
- Fixed: Correct icon for AT-4 for Norwegian AT-kit.
- Added: New regiment: Swedish Infantry.
- Added: New regiment: Swedish 'Stadsskytte'.
- Fixed: Smoke-effects for AMOS.
- Added: KSP58 given to Swedish 'Stadsskytte'.
- Fixed: Grenade-damage versus light armour reduced.
- Fixed: Number of grenades given in an kit increased from 3 to 6.
- Fixed: Splash-matID on several vehicles tweaked.
- Added: New regiment: Norwegian KJK (Kystjaegerkommado).
- Added: G36kvgr to Norwegian KJK.
- Fixed: Incorrect animation for M203/HK79-launcher when prone.
- Fixed: Exit-points for xa-180 and xa-180N corrected.
- Added: G36kv to Norwegian KJK.
- Fixed: Increased distance and volume for local says by infantry.
- Added: Norwegian voices.
- Fixed: Strvm5-model updated.
- Added: NM149 added to sniper for Norwegian infantry.
- Fixed: Creditsmenu updated.
- Fixed: xa-180 and xa-180N got its physics re-tuned again for more stable rides.
- Added: New map: Myren.

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