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Hey there soldiers! Sorry for the long wait, my computers internet was freaking out! Anyways, here is the full install. Download it now a...


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Hey there soldiers! Sorry for the long wait, my computers internet was freaking out! Anyways, here is the full install. Download it now and enjoy! See ya on the battlefield!

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Download 'sh_045_full_install.exe' (436.45MB)

Silentheroes 0.45 

Major Changes: 
- All heavy vehicles now has combined gunners and drivers. 
- 2 new maps - Kongsheim and Svinesund. 
- Armoured vehicles had their speed increased; Tanks with 20%, Combatvehicles with 40%. 

Small Changes: 
- Damage-tables for a lot of weapons tweaked - see full log for details. 
- 3rd person-animation for more handweapons added. 
- Coop-support added to Engerdal_day2, Dalen and Tallskogen. 
- AI-updates for all weapons and vehicles. 
- All armoured vehicles had their physics retuned. 
- Heavy machine-guns now needs more time before being stable after moving. 

Known issues: 
- Nothing huge. ^_^ 

Included SilentHeroes maps [15]: 
- Aberdeen(?) 
- Engerdal 
- Engerdal Day2* 
- Ingenmansland 
- Kongsheim 
- LingonStigen 
- Myren 
- Narvik 
- SH Dalen* 
- SH Hillside 
- SH Rennesoy Island 
- SH Wake* 
- Skogsvag 
- Svinesund 
- Tallskogen* 

* = Also has Coop-support! 

Included BF42-maps with COOP and Conquest-support [16]: 
- Battle of the Bulge 
- Battleaxe 
- Berlin 
- Bocage 
- El Alamein 
- Gazala 
- GuadalCanal 
- Iwo Jima 
- Kharkov 
- Kursk 
- Market Garden 
- Midway 
- Omaha Beach 
- Stalingrad 
- Tobruk 
- Wake 

Full Change-logg: 

-=[ 0.45 ]=- {Public Beta Build: 2004-09-24 01:21} 
- Fixed: Stearing-wheel placement for Tgb5 and Tgb5N corrected. 
- Fixed: Map Kongeheim updated and renamed to Kongsheim. 
- Fixed: Coop for Berlin and El Alamein updated. 
- Fixed: AI-updates for 1 helicopter, 10 land-units and 13 stationary weapons-systems. 
- Fixed: ArmyGarage-colmesh updated. 
- Fixed: Cannon-Sight inactivated for now. 
- Fixed: Map Dalen updated and re-textured. 
- Fixed: Map Svinesund updated and lightmapped. 
- Fixed: Tgb20-colmesh. 
- Fixed: Deviance on pistols when prone. 
- Fixed: Load-image for BF (Coop)-maps changed to default SH-flags. 

-=[ 0.44c ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: AI-updates for maps SH_Dalen, Tallskogen, Bocage and Engerdal_Day2. 
- Fixed: AI-updates for 17 hand-weapons, 3 helicopters and 12 land-units. 
- Fixed: Model fiske_stuga_2 optimized and colmesh-issues fixed. 
- Fixed: Map Svinesund updated. 
- Fixed: Correkt weapon-icon for Nor FSK Assualt's G36. 
- Added: 1p-model to Lynx. 

-=[ 0.44b ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: XM301 and M230-damage versus light/medium helicopters reduced. 
- Fixed: HKP11/Bell412 healthpoints increased with 17%. 
- Fixed: HKP9 healthpoints increased with 30%. 
- Fixed: Map Kongeheim updated. 
- Fixed: AI-mapping for Tallskogen updated. 
- Fixed: Map Svinesund updated. 

-=[ 0.44 ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Added: New 3p walk-animations for AK5 and KSP90, 3p fire- and run-animation for KSP90. 
- Fixed: CampaignMap-list updated with all coop-maps. 
- Added: Coop-support for SH_Dalen. 
- Fixed: AI-handling for some stationary objects. 
- Added: Map Kongeheim. 
- Fixed: 7.62UK, 0.50cal and 9x19mm damage versus heavy helicopters slightly increased. 
- Added: Small splash-area to Xm301 and M230. 
- Fixed: Stationary AA had it's rate of fire increased by 100%. 
- Fixed: Map Svinesund updated. 

-=[ 0.43b ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: HKP14 healthpoints increased with 25%. 
- Fixed: KSP58, KSP90, MG3s accuracy for initial shots decreased with 10%. 
- Fixed: Recovery for KSP58, KSP90, MG3 for moving and turning decreased with 75%. 
- Fixed: Tweaked fire-effect for cv9030/9040 and MBTs. 
- Added: Map Svinesund. 

-=[ 0.43 ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: Helicopters doesn't spawn water-effect when stationary anymore. 
- Fixed: Initial projectile-speed on helicopters tweaked. 
- Fixed: chus_ruin model updated, no more getting stuck if jumping through a balcony. 
- Fixed: 40mm AKAN-damage increased with 5%. 
- Fixed: 30mm AKAN-damage decreased with 7.14%. 
- Fixed: Health-level from Critical to Burning for AHELIs increased slighty, a 3.5% overall change. 
- Fixed: 105mm Cannon-damage decreased with 18.2%. 
- Fixed: 120mm and 105mm Cannon-damage versus helicopters increased with 33%. 
- Fixed: AT-4/Pskott86 damage increased with 6.66%. 
- Fixed: 9x19P-damage increased with 31.5%, damage-modification against arms and legs slighty reduced. 
- Fixed: 5.56NATO and 7.62NATO-damage versus heavy helicopters increased with an average of 37.5%. 
- Fixed: Coop for Battle of the Bulge updated, so the bots now use the Grkpbv90120. 
- Fixed: New spawngroups for vehicles and flags created - no more spawn-collisions when playing coop-maps. 
- Added: HKP14_drop to the Swedish side. 
- Fixed: SH Dalen updated. 
- Fixed: SH Rennesoy Island updated. 

-=[ 0.42 ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: Removed swaying from pine-trees - descreases client-laggs due to col-calculations. 
- Fixed: The correct tone of green when selecting Scout/Sniper. 
- Added: Animated flags in menus and during reconnects for map-changes on server. 
- Fixed: All tanks had their physics remodeled. 
- Fixed: All tanks had their speed increased with ~20%. 
- Fixed: All CombatVehicles had their speed increased with ~40%. 
- Fixed: Zoom for tanks and CVs reduced. 
- Fixed: AI-update on the maps SH_Wake, Bocage, and Wake. 
- Added: AI-support for the map Engerdal_Day2 and Tallskogen. 
- Added: AI-bot handling for buildings Statoil, Rimi, Laktare and Kiosk01. 
- Fixed: Spawntables for El Alamein. 

-=[ 0.41 ]=- {Internal Beta Patch} 
- Fixed: Projectile-positions on helicopters tweaked to reduce self-collisions. 
- Fixed: New effect for Hellfire-rockets during launch. 
- Fixed: All Strv and Strf had their velocity for their main guns increased. 
- Fixed: Spread for handling Glock 17 and MK23 decreased. 
- Fixed: Damage for NM142 TOW tweaked. 
- Fixed: Trailing effects for M203-grenades tweaked. 
- Fixed: Life-length for M203, Grsp, Gepard, 30mm/40mm AKAN, 105mm and 120mm-projectiles lowered. 
- Fixed: Trailing effects and shoot-effects for Gepard tweaked. 
- Fixed: AI-updates for AT-4/Pskott m86, Tgb1111, Gepard, Grkpbv90120, Hkp9, Hkp16, Tiger, XM301, M203, Strv122, Leo2A4, Leo1 and coaxial mg's. 
- Fixed: Several soundscripts for all heavy vehicles had their prioritys tweaked. 
- Added: Ai-handling for all new buildings. 
- Fixed: All Tanks and CombatVehicles had their steering redone - driver and gunner combined.

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