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Remember a few weeks back? We posted Skin manager 1.0 ?...yeah well, its back again people. Don't know what the hell it does? Basically, you...


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Remember a few weeks back? We posted Skin manager 1.0 ?...yeah well, its back again people. Don't know what the hell it does? Basically, you put your skins into it...and it puts them automatically into battlefield, and some of its mods. DC, EoD, FH, BG42 omg im in heaven..*ech hem* sorry. If you have loads and loads of skins, i suggest you use these to keep them organized.

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Download '' (8.27MB)

DCF Skin Manager v1.5
Created by a Dude on the Porch
visit DCFiles for all your Desert Combat needs @

For those of you who dont know by now, this program allows you to use custom skins without the need of extracting 
and repacking the rfas. "Drag and drop" skins on a map by map basis.

=======      Info      ========

I have included Support for alot of the major mods as well as standard Battlefield:

Desert Combat  .5L
Forgotten hope  .5e
Eve of Destrucion  20%
BattleGroup42 .9
Action Battlefield 1.15
standard Battlefield  v1.5
Interstate '82 ( will be added when new version released)

=======  Instructions  ========

Run the .exe, it will automaticaly install to the proper directory 

To uninstall use your add/remove 

=======  How to use   ========

Navigate to the DCF_Skin_Manager folder, default location is (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\DCF_Skin_Manager)

Each Mod has its own folder:

DC- Desert Combat
EOD- Eve of Destruction
FH - Forgotten Hope
ABF- Action B.Field
BG42- Battlegroup42
BF- standard Battlefield

Inside these folders you will find folders with the maps names, just drop your skin or texture ( a .dds file ) 
into that folder and you will see that skin on just that map. 

I have incorporated a new system. 

There are 5 new folders added; ALL_MAPS, Forest, Urban, Desert, and Snow.

If you want to use a skin on every map, place it the ALL_MAPS folder.
If you have a skin you want to use in just the desert, or forest loactions, place it in that folder.
To use it on a specific map, place it in that maps folder only.

Any skin put in the "ALL_MAPS" folder will be seen on all the maps, but if a skin is put in the "DESERT" folder it 
will override the "all maps" and that skin will only be seen on the maps in desert locations. If a skin is put into 
a specific map folder, it will override both and just be seen on that map.

Report bugs and requests in our forums @
If you have a skin you would like me to include in the next release, drop by the forums as well.

!!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!  if you have a previous version installed , you will need to move your skins
to the new directory. Your map folders will still be there after installing this version, just copy the 
folders to the new "DC" folder.

===== I have included the following skins ======

Desert Camo A10 by Stuka on all desert maps
Desert Camo Ah64 by Me on all desert maps
Desert Camo UH-60 by Me on all desert maps
Wake Buildings by Rebel ReCreations on Wake Island
Black/White Camo UH-60 from DCX on Basrhas Edge
New Iraqi Soldier Skin by (??) on all desert and urban maps
Delata Force US Soldier by Spyd3r on all desert maps
Pimped Out Hummer by Me on Weapons Bunkers
Forest Camo M1a1 by Iron Eagle on all forest maps

All these are for DC only

Thanks for Downloading.........


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