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New Plane Engine & Weapon Sounds v. 2 by sLy Well gang I've certainly been busy since my last release....


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New Plane Engine & Weapon Sounds v. 2 by sLy Well gang I've certainly been busy since my last release. I decided to redo everything and thats exactly what I did. Below are the changes I made. -New He-11 Bomber, Mosquito Bomber, B-17 weapon sounds. -I also revamped all the sounds I made from the previous release. -I redid the bomb impact -I redid all the engine sounds except for the two mini-bombers from RTR...Sorry guys thats too messy although I do have sounds that I will give if anyone want to attempt it!

Installation: The directions are the same as before. However, in this case you will note a new objects.rfa included. Place it in the same folder as the I reccomend below in the previous readme.

By the way, all the sounds are 44Mhz...that's what I play at. IF there is enough demand I may release a lower setting, but 44 is the best as always.

Enjoy! Questions, post in the thread I shall start! No German translations this time. You guys are awful!!!! hahaha Donnerkrieger

I compiled new plane weapon sounds for both the 1p and bomber cameras to give the sounds more punch. As a matter of fact, I gathered the sounds to supplement the MErciless 1942 V4 and all its new sounds. However, it appears that the makers forgot the other planes besides the stuka. -New Bf-109E machine gun sounds -New A6m2 Zero and Aichi-Val machine gun sounds -New P-51 machine gun sounds -New Yak-9 machine gun sounds -New Spitfire machine gun sounds -New Corsair and SBD machine gun sounds -New bomb impact explosion effect ((really sweet, a lot of bass))

To install: As I said I made this to supplement merciless so merely place the new sounds rfa: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\MC1942_FX1\Archives

This directory is created by merciless but no new sound.rfa is placed there and it already has its own init.con so theres no dfficulty just a drag and drop job.

I compiled the weapons from the popular WW2 Aviator Simulator Warbirds 3. They are all authentic sounds. Enjoy!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Für meine deutschen Freunde >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Neue Ebene Waffe Ertönt durch sLy Ich habe neue Ebene kompiliert, die Waffe für sowohl den 1p als auch den Bomber Kameras ertönt, die Töne mehr zu geben Lochstanze. In der Tat habe ich die Töne gesammelt, den MERCILESS 1942 V4 und alle sein zu ergänzen

Neue Töne. Aber erscheint es, daß die Schöpfer die anderen Ebenen außerdem der stuka. vergessen hat. -Ertönt neues Bf-109E Maschinengewehr Töne -Neu A6m2 Zero und Aichi Val Maschinengewehr Töne -Neuer P-51 Maschinengewehr Töne -Neuer Yak-9 Maschinengewehr Töne -Neuer Spitfire Maschinengewehr Töne -Neuer Corsair und SBD Maschinengewehr Töne -Neue Bombe Schlag Explosion Wirkung ( (wirklich gut, viel Baß))

Zu installieren: Als ich habe gesagt daß ich dies gemacht habe, erbarmungslos zu ergänzen, so bloß stellt die neuen Töne rfa: C: \Programmiert Akten\EA SPIELE\Schlachtfeld 1942\Mods\MC1942_FX1\Archives

Dieses Verzeichnis wird von erbarmungslosem aber nein neuem gesund Rfa dort geschaffen wird gestellt und es hat schon sein Eigen Init Con deshalb theres kein dfficulty nur ein Widerstand und Tropfen Aufgabe. Ich habe die Waffen vom populären WW2 Flieger Simulator Warbirds 3 kompiliert. Sie sind alle authentische

Töne. Genießen Sie!

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