This is a good sized map with alot of water, alot of mountains, and alot of ground to cover if your on foot. The Americans can attack with a...


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This is a good sized map with alot of water, alot of mountains, and alot of ground to cover if your on foot. The Americans can attack with a choice of water and air vehicles or spawn over the water in a halo jump. The Iraqis must defend several well spaced flags from the incoming Americans. I played this map with a couple other people and had a good time, but with a map this size the more the merrier. I especially liked the cover that the mountains provide to incoming apaches and blackhawks, but with a large amount of people, this map may have a plane camping problem. Regardless, its still alot of fun to play and I hope to see it up on some servers soon.

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Snafu for Desert Combat V1.0 Final 

Level and Level Design notes:

The Iraqis have a secret desert island base the Coalition has just discovered. AS
the Coalition your job is to secure the island before the Iraqis can launch. AS the
Iraqis - make Allah proud :).

* The Coalition spawn in the middle of the water is a HALO (high altitude low
opening) spawn. When you spawn from there, skydive towards the objective of your
choice. You won't reach every place on the map, but you can reach some important

* Of all the control points, the bunker complex near the 'weapons of mass
destruction' is worth the most. 

* The missiles do not actually launch nor can you destroy them. Shoot at them all
you want.  Ram into them, it's amusing ;). 

* The only capturable flag where Coalition vehicles will spawn is the dock.  My
reasoning is that it is not realistic to expect that just because the Coalition
captures the hanger/runway it will start giving birth to Apaches and F16s (not that
spawning at all is realistic, but come on...).  Feel free to take advantage of what
does spawn there though :).

* I have not included every vehicle/weapon the DC Team has created on purpose.  I
have chosen what I thought fit the scenario.

* I have included Jihad-Kubelwagons(tm), for times when you need to get somewhere
quick and other vehicles are not available.  I chose to include these rather than
more BDRM2s for balance reasons and cuz they look and drive cool :).  If you start
taking fire while driving one my advice is to GET OUT QUICK.

* My initial thoughts on strategy - If I were playing Coalition I'd take the dock
first, then air base, then try for the bunker complex. Of course a few sneaky guys
parachuting in while this is going on will mix things up. For the Iraqis, defending
is a matter of putting out fires, and having some good guys in the migs keeping air

A big thanks to the DC Team for a great mod and the mapping forum at
has been invaluable. Props to my clan, Fragnastika, for great suggestions and being
great guys in general! Great! Hehe nuff said over and out - see you on the

Author: [FRAG]GREY (Justin Harvey)

Run the installer, dc_snafu.exe! Follow the directions, it's pretty simple :). 

If you must ... delete Snafu.rfa file from your "C:\Program Files\EA
GAMES\Battlefield 1942\mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels\" directory.

Copyright © 2003 Justin Harvey ... Please see the license included in the installer
for further details.

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