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This is a Battlefield 1942 Sniping Guide by Princess_Frostys’


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This is a Battlefield 1942 Sniping Guide by Princess_Frostys’

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Welcome to Princess_Frostys’ guide to sniping for Battlefield1942.

The reason I’m writing this guide is because after a long search on the Internet, there doesn’t appear to be any. Most people are put off sniping in battlefield1942 because it’s so difficult, but this is a common misconception, sniping itself can be quite easy and as a general rule, on large maps you can rack up enough points by sniping alone to be worthy of a medal (top 3 scorers)

Although personal scores are good, snipers can do a lot to aid the team as a whole, much in the same way as taking out an enemy battleship or aircraft carrier, you don’t acquire any points for it but you do help the team in probably the best way possible, and after all it’s a team game and ultimately, if your team looses you lose.

With this in mind, a sniper with a mission can be a dangerous foe and can cause a lot of damage to the enemy team; in fact you only need kill a handful of people during an entire round before you make a large difference to the overall progress of your team. Good examples are mounted machinegun emplacements, Anti Aircraft guns (AA guns) and of course other snipers................................

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