Snow/Suburban Panzer 4

A decent snow Panzer skin. See for yourself:


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A decent snow Panzer skin. See for yourself:


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This is my first skin. I made it because theres not really much of an option
when it comes to german snow skins. I only know of one other one. If it sucks
then use the other one.

downloaded the RFA EXtractor if you dont have it. extract Textures.rfa into your 
battlefield1942 folder. a new folder will be made called "textures". These files go
in there.

This skin will update the Panzer 4 German Tank Skin to a snow/suburban
camouflage paint scheme.
[email protected]

***THIS skin looks better in the game than in the picture.(no missing pieces of belt...)
i cant figure out how to get rid of those in the screen shot.

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