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This is version 1.1 of Snyder's Planes With Rockets. Here's what's new: New in this update: - Mustang and Spitfire added. No....


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This is version 1.1 of Snyder's Planes With Rockets. Here's what's new:

New in this update: - Mustang and Spitfire added. No. of rockets more realistic & can be edited easily in the .con files (like before). - Nose cannons for the Axis planes. - New lengthy Readme.

NOTE: Version 1.1 has been updated to include nose cannons on the Axis BF109 & Stuka fighters - October 19th, 2002

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BF1942 Weapons Modification 1.1 (by Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider)

Rockets for Spitfire, Mustang, Bf 109, Stuka and Corsair

The original Katyushas were modified (smaller, a bit faster, 
fastest rockets are on the Mustang and the Spitfire).

Save/rename your original files before you make changes.
This Mod is Single Player only, doesn't work on MP servers (unless the same Mod is installed there).
You need to have your "Objects.rfa" extracted to modify the .con files. Use Moseley'S RFA Extractor and
read his instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order have your changes take effect immediately, 
PLEASE rename your old files AND move them to another place on your 
machine (e.g. create a new folder "backup"). In some cases the game
still reads your old renamed files instead of the new ones although the
new files have the proper file name.

If you wish to "uninstall" this little tweak or connect to a MP server, just place your original "Objects.rfa" 
back in the "Archives" folder. All the changes disappear :-)

This .zip file contains data for 5 planes and the Katyushas. Feel free to install just the files you wish to have (e.g. just 
rockets for the Mustang -> D.).
You may need the Katyuasha files however (see F.)

A. Bf 109 
Replace the original "weapons.con" in "objects\Vehicles\Air\Bf109" with the attached "Bf109-Weapons.con" (rename to "Weapons.con"). 
Bonus: You get the original "Plattmaker" nose cannons with this modification (courtesy of Plattmaker), so the Bf 109 has 4 MG as primary 
weapons (left mouse button) plus rockets as secondary (right mouse button).

B. Stuka
Same as above, "objects\Vehicles\Air\Stuka" is the folder on your system, rename "Stuka-Weapons.con" to "Weapons.con".
Bonus: Additional "Plattmaker" cannons - see above

C. Corsair
Same as above, "objects\Vehicles\Air\Corsair", rename "Corsair-Weapons.con" to "Weapons.con".
No Bonus, sorry.

D. Mustang
Same as above, "objects\Vehicles\Air\Mustang", rename "Mustang-Weapons.con" to "Weapons.con".

E. Spitfire
Same as above, "objects\Vehicles\Air\Spitfire", rename "Spit-Weapons.con" to "Weapons.con".

Note: The positioning of the rockets on the plane(s) is based on the smaller size of my modified Katyushas. 
You may encounter problems when using the big original Katyushas.
So you may need new ...

F. Katyushas:

Attached files "Kat-Physics.con" and "Kat-Weapons.con" need to be copied to "objects\Vehicles\Land\KatyushaRocket", 
and renamed (to "Physics.con" and "Weapons.con"). Pls. read carefully: the files go into the "KatyushaRocket" folder, NOT into "Katyusha".
Please note that you will have smaller/faster Katyushas on your Russian Katyusha Artillery Truck when you make these changes!

Disclaimer: When firing off rockets from the Bf-109, Corsair or the Stuka w/ Rockets during weird movements in-game, your plane may explode! 
Rockets have their own ballistics. 
There's no problem when using the rockets at high speed or when diving ... but be careful! Esp. when flying the Corsair! :)
Feel free to change the mag size/number or reload times in the .con files.

Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider

Thanks to Plattmaker for his nice nose cannons :-)

Try my Shiny Messerschmitt and my Chrome MP40 skin at and at

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