Stalingrad into the cauldron

- STALINGRAD Into the Cauldron. -...


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- STALINGRAD Into the Cauldron. -

By Headshot Enterprises, May 2003.

A level conversion of the BF original.

Welcome to our latest and last BF 1942 level conversion. In this case: Stalingrad. The level contains 1 new model: the KV1 Russian heavy tank made by Haribo & joc and has the PaK and StuG imported from RTR ( which is necessary to run the mod).

We would like to welcome heartily 3 new members to the Headshot Enterprises team: - Gurki - skinner, mapper, coder. - Haribo - unwrapper, coder, mapper. - Joc - modeller.

You all know the story of Stalingrad and how the German 6th army was destroyed in a cauldron of hot metal and fire. A model city without a clearly defined strategical status turned into a crucible, where men fought, and died in droves, in what had become nothing more than a clash of egos for two dictators. Even though the later years of the war saw more encirclements of this nature, and at even greater loss of lives and materiel, for both parties Stalingrad remains the epitome of urban warfare at its most nightmarish. Rather than blitzing miles -long advances into stunned enemy territory, the Germans had to conquer Stalingrad block by block, house by house, cellar by cellar, while the Russians grimly clung to a mere 10% of the city - the Lightning War turned into a War of Rats.

Our mod grants you the opportunity to either join the 16th panzer division and attempt to break through to the Wolga river or join the 62nd Russian army and take hold of the German strongpoints around the railway station. Either way you will have a hard time achieving the goals set... we advise you on first concentrating on staying alive.


The pack contains a set of files which you can simply unzip to your [gamefolder]\mods folder and activate it after starting the game. If you play the game in sp/coop mode this is highly recommended since you can enjoy all the new features we included. You can edit the init.con file in the mod's folder to add other mods to your hearts content.

Or you can install it for the texturesets addon, just unpack the zip file to a temp folder and use an rfa extractor to extract the textures to your texturesets addon folders and play the original Stalingrad level online in winter edition. Do not forget to extract textures from 2 files: - Texture.rfa - Stalingrad2.rfa (only unpack files with a dds extension)

Enjoy !!

What started at Stalingrad will continue in our next release: Red Twilight

An unofficial BF1942 expansion pack Introducing the Hungarian army with all it's vehicles, 4 new challenging levels and many new German and Russian units. You will be wielding an awesome and feared 88 mm flak to dust off enemy tanks...

Red Twilight is a one way ticket to the ferocious eastern front...

"Not another step back." Jozef Stalin, 1942.

"Mutti !" Unknown German infantryman, 1942.

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