Storm of Steel

This map take place in the Orel province of Russia, july 5th 1943. It is the opening of Operation Citadel and the scene of the battle is nea...


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This map take place in the Orel province of Russia, july 5th 1943. It is the opening of Operation Citadel and the scene of the battle is near the town of Maloarkhangelsk. The German Wurttemburg Regiments of the 216th Division has blazed through the area but has now reached the massive defences the russians have set up to stop the agressors before they reach Kursk. The Soviet positions, containing six defensive belts, were strong and deep. In front of each belt of strong points are vast mine-fields averaging 5,000 mines per mile of front. To aid their breakthrough attempt, the Wurttemburgers are reinforced with assault guns and heavy tanks. In the morning hours of the 5th, the Germans began to rumble forward in a storm of steel...

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¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ STORM OF STEEL - A BATTLEFIELD 1942 MAP ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
                         for FORGOTTEN HOPE 0.7

------------------------Released: 2006-08-07---------------------------



This map comes with an installer, just double-click the .exe and fire away.
Please take note if your windows uses C:/Program or C:/Program Files as this
intaller will choose C:/Program as default, you might have to manually
change this during the installation process if your windows use ProgramFiles.


This map is a rural tankbattle map, allthough both sides also have
airforce and plenty of transport vehicles. The map is also divided by a large 
river on which both teams can travel using River-boats. The map has 6 Control-
points (flags) plus two uncapturable main-bases. This map uses a semi-push map
gameplay system, which means that some flags are closed until certain other
flags have been taken, here comes a brief layout how the system works.

Flag 3 and 4 are open all time, these can be captured and recaptured as normal
Bf1942 flags.
Flag 5 and 6 are closed for BOTH teams until the AXIS capture flag 2.
Flag 2 starts as Russian and can not be captured by the Axis until they capture
flag 1. Flag 1 however, can not be re-captured by the Allies once they lose it.
When the Axis captures flag1 all planes spawn for both teams and this also
supplies the Axis with an additional Stug3G tank.

This map features a vast minefield, marked on the minimap, these mines do not
respawn once blown up, instead a small red flag is put up at each mine that has
blown up, this makes it possible for the Axis to push holes in the field and 
travel more easier through that area.


This map is the work of many people. The foundation of this map is built on a map
from the DICE game Battlefield Vietnam, called "the Fall of Saigon". I have used
the Heightmap from this map since i think it is very well made and cause for some
great tankbattle play. The map is for free and no-one that has taken part in creating
and re-creating some of the features in this map has gained any money in doing so.
This map is part of a great community for Battlefield stretching from small independent
coders, mappers & players in the bottom up to the massive organisation Forgotten Hope
at the top. DICE is the legal owner and copyright holder of most objects in this
map and I am not using them to gain any financial rewards what so ever. The Mod & map
making community for the Battlefield Series are constantly overcoming obstacles to
keep their movement going forward and this map is just a small part of the whole
mechanism, if you like this map then please do what you can do support the mod & map
making community for the Battlefield Series. At the end of this readme I will supply
links to sites which you can visit to support our cause.


This map has been co-produced with member of the Forgotten Honor Tournament. I have
started the foundation on the Fall of Saigon Heightmap, re-edited this terrain
and changed all materials on it. I have textured the map with Editor42 and used
Battlecraft to place objects. The map features edited FH objects as well, the mine-fied
for one has been re-coded to not have such huge collisionmeshes and there is also
a lot of custom objects used in the map. The map features 4500 static Objects and
is made for 64 players battle. 

Storm of Steel as produced with:

Battlefield 1942 v1.61b
Forgotten Hope 0.7
Battlecraft 2.1
Editor 42 
Discreet's 3D StudioMax 7
DICE's Mod Development Toolkit 2.75
Adobes Photoshop CS2
Crimson Editor - textfile editor
NVIDIAs Photoshop .dds plugin
CoinCoins Samplemaker

Storm Of Steel was produced by:

Natty Wallo (Map, textures, Objects, Terrain-edit, Shadows, Light & Sound)
Commander29 (Coding Edits and Vehicles & Objects configurations)
Master-Ooh (Coding and 3D edits)
Action Man (Loading Screen & Ingame Minimap)
Dutch (Balancing)
Chopper (Story and Scenario)


Contact Natty Wallo:

email & MSN - [email protected]
X-fire - nattywallo
IRC - @ QuakeNet #swet, #forgottenhonor, #fh.illuminators, #illuminators, #norwegianresistance, 
                 #nbrigade, #bf1942
IRC - @ GameSurge #fhmod, #bfsp

Natty Wallos Mapping Blog at:

Thank you:

All at ForgottenHonor Tournament who has taken me into their mapping team, CajunWolf for 
all help in all matters, CamelNele, Heinkel, Andrew, The FH team, DICE, All 60 players in
FHT who played this map for 6hours straight (can't name them all, lol) giving me 
priceless insight into map configuration, the Legion of the Dragon community (may you
never die) the gaming organisation, The clan...


Enjoy this release!

Thank you again

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ STORM OF STEEL - A BATTLEFIELD 1942 MAP ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
                         for FORGOTTEN HOPE


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