Strasbourg is a french town close to the German border. Annexed by them in 1870, then by the French in 1918 and then again by the German in


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A map by {SoH} -=Diamondback=-

Thank you for downloading the map!

Context: "Strasbourg is a french town close to the German border. Annexed by them in 1870, then by the French in 1918 and then again by the German in 1940.
On 1 March 1941, after a victory by the Free French Forces against Italian in Libya, the soldiers took the oath of Kufra: «Swear not to lay down arms until our colors, our beautiful colors, float on the Strasbourg Cathedral».
On 23 November 1944, Leclerc and the French 2nd Armoured Division liberated Strasbourg and raised the french flag over the Cathedral."


The map has been designed for Conquest game play only. This is the final version of the map. I do not plan on editing it again, at least not client side, meaning any modification will be added server-side.

The map opposes the British Army vs the German Army in the French border town of Strasbourg. Each side has an uncappable base, and an advanced base in the city of Strasbourg itself at map start.
There are four cappable control points or flags on the map. Holding 3 of the 4 control points ensures enemy ticket bleed. The city flags are, from South to North:

Hotel - This flag is held by the British Army at map start
East_Bridge - This flag is neutral at map start
West_bridge - This flag is neutral at map start
Strasbourg_Cathedral - This flag is held by the German Army at map start

Ticket values are 1:1, meaning both sides start with an equal amount of tickets.

The map is fully lightmapped and shadowed. Only the ambient sounds are missing at this point.


The original idea of the map was to make it a tank/APC/jeep map only, similar to Aberdeen or Battle of the Bulge. A plane was added in the Allied main, but it can easily be removed server-side to make the map tanks only.

On a flag by flag basis, here are the different vehicles and weapons that spawn:


1) Vehicles
- 1x Sherman
- 1x Sexton
- 1x Spitfire
- 2x Jeeps

2) Static defences:
- 2x Stationary_Browning
- 1x Pak40


1) Vehicles
- 1x Sherman/PanzerIV

2) Static defences:
- 2x Pak40s
- 1x Stationary_Browning/Stationary_MG42

3) Hand weapons:
- 1x Axis Sniper Rifle


- No vehicles, static defences or hand weapons


1) Hand weapons
- 2x Allied Assault Rifle/Axis Assault Rifle


1) Vehicles:
- 1x PanzerIV/Sherman

2) Static defences:
- 1x Flak38 Anti-Air Gun
- 2x Stationary_MG42
- 2x Pak40s

German_Barracks (Axis Main Base):

1) Vehicles:
- 2x Kettenkrads
- 2x PanzerIVs
- 1x Wespe
- 1x Hanomag (advanced spawn point)

2) Static defences:
- 1x Stationary_MG42
- 2x Pak40s
- 1x Flak38 Anti Air Gun


Once you have downloaded the map from Mediafire, simply extract the contents of the "Strasbourg" folder to your desktop. Navigate to the "Strasbourg Final Client" folder you just extracted and Cut and Paste the file called "strasbourg.rfa"
to your "levels" folder. This folder is located by default, for Windows XP and up users @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels. 

To delete the map, simply delete the "strasbourg.rfa" file that you cut and paste to your "levels" folder.


Editing the map in any way is not permitted. To edit or mod the map, you must ask my permission first. Moreover, the cathedral objects used in the city of Strasbourg as well as the railroad ramp object may not be used in any map or mod.

If you have any issues or bugs concerning the map, simply use the SiMPLE| Forums topic for the map, which can be found here:

Have fun and enjoy the map!

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