Stunt inc. mappack *required to play Stunt inc.*



The Mappack that comes with the Stunt inc. (required) It features a few custom maps. In example: Stunt Islands. And offcourse the Maps you have allready heard of but can't be seen without. Stuntvilla 2 and 3.

Stunt inc. is offcourse required to be able to play this mappack. You can download Stunt inc. here: http://bf.filefront.com/file/;28956



Welcome to StuntInc. Mod version 1.0a by [FP2]CLan

This is the first public beta 1 of the StuntInc. Mod

Many changes and custom objects/vehicles will be put into place in either the next one or two releases. Expect an almost full stunt conversion in the future. Full first release is slated for fall or winter of this year.

There are a couple of Stunts mod implementations but essentially
everything else in this mod is by [FP2]Clan with help and assistance
from visitors and other clans.

Please extract to desktop (or somewhere your comfortable with), pull the StuntInc mod out
and place in your EA Games/Battlefield1942/mods/ directory with any other mods you may have.

Please check out our spiffy new website at www.fp2clan.com if you didn't receive this file there.

Stunt Changes:
Stunt Islands Map by [FP2]RoadKill
StuntVilla2 Map by [FP2]Jad and updated by[FP2]Anti-Newb
StuntVilla3 Map by [FP2]RoadKill
New Texture sets by [FP2]Carloshax
Tires by [FP2]RoadKill
New Player Skins and Menu/Interface by [FP2]Anti-Newb
All script changes and custom models by [FP2]Jad

All Planes faster
Spitfire now has booster-AA guns, and is much stronger
B-17 has booster-AA guns on belly and top, drops 4 sets of 4 bombs
Willy is faster
Lynx, kettenrad, blackmedal etc.. also faster/stronger
Tiger and M10 are fun tanks
Some mounted guns are booster-guns
Pistols are rapid-fire AA guns with longer burning Flak for writing
Soldiers falls do not kill and with some skill can slide very far
Machine guns are now varying strength personal launchers
Snipers/engineers fire heavy round artillery
Bazooka is launching device
Allied Slapper!
Landmine frisbee with custom mesh on projectile
and a bit more for finding out...

Thanks to all the boys of the clan who have spent many hours of testing, tweaking, modelling, mapping, skinning, etc.. to make sure that this mod stood out among its competitors. 

All rights reserved. No liabilities can be held against [FP2]Clan or any of its affiliates/associates due to any harm/damage/loss of data that may ensue from installing and running this mod. We have taken every precaution to ensure a smooth stable gaming environment. Have Fun and happy StuntInc. :)

Thank You and Happy Stuntinc!  :)  

Website: Http://www.fp2clan.com
Forums : Http://www.fp2clan.com/forum
Contact: irc.quakenet.org channel #FP2
E-mail : [email protected]

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