Stunting Grounds V0.26

This map was created by me (Pilot_51), it was my first map seriously considered for public release. It was first made in hopes of creating...


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This map was created by me (Pilot_51), it was my first map seriously considered for public release. It was first made in hopes of creating a somewhat large forest with some small ponds and guard towers at night, thus the original name of Forest, but that quickly changed when I started making a cliff for jumping jeeps, so it became a stunt map. The map is currently in public beta stages, it will remain beta until all the reported bugs are fixed, I get more objects and terrain detail in it, and everyone appears to be happy with it.

The editor I use is Battlecraft 1942, very easy compared to many other editors with the fact that I got a map working on my first try after using it for a few minutes, I couldn't get a map close to working with the other editors after days trying to figure it out. There was one other map which was used primarily for testing the map editor, which was my first working map, obviously named 'Test'.

Please do not claim this map as your own or try making money from it, you may modify it and give it out as long as you mention me as the creator (i.e. 'Created by: Pilot_51/modified by: you'), I also recommend you keep this information file with it. If you claim it as your creation by removing my name as the creator and I find out, I'll take drastic measures (it's happened once already). As long as you follow that rule, I encourage the modification, distribution, and use of my map. Thanks!

Contact me with bug reports, suggestions, questions, or comments (basically anything to do with my map, big or small) with any of the communication mediums listed below. Don't forget to mention the version of the map you have. If you include your nickname with the bug report or suggestion and I like it, I'll add you to the credits below, please say so if you don't want to be added to the credits. The credits are in alphabetical order and I will update any names that I find have changed. It's likely that I missed a few, so if you're not in the credits and you've contacted me with a suggestion or bug report that I used, please let me know and I'll add you to the credits.

I am now clanless. Much thanks to the Lightning Raiders Squad «L·R·S» and Victory Is Assured [VIA] for being two great clans I've been a member of during my first couple years of BF1942 gaming.

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Stunting Grounds version 0.26 -- Changes

Note: Generally, to-do is in order of oldest on top and change history is in order of oldest on bottom.

 -Fix: Lightmap bug on the windmill roof when nearby*
 -Fix: Cliff clipping at a distance*
 -Fix: Skybox corners are easily visible from the kubelwagen's windshield reflection*
 -Add: Independent spawn locations in remote areas of the map*
 -Fix: Boundary fence collision is way too high*
	* = I'm not sure how to do this yet

Change history
 0.26 (pub beta) [3/23/05]
  -Changed thumbnail
  -Added support for CTF and TDM
  -Fixed support with regular BF1942 and the Stunt mod, it now requires an additional small rfa in the Stunt mod levels folder
 0.25 (pub beta) [3/13/05]
  -Updated loading screen and thumbnail
  -Regenerated surface maps, high quality terrain shadows, object lightmaps, and mini-map
  -Added support for the Stunts mod
  -Added a crate spawn at the top of the bunker ladder in the town
  -Adjusted terrain ramps at the race track to be more gradual
  -Added an iron bridge going across the lake
  -Expanded forest
  -Added stationary weapon spawns to: windmill window, town bunker, cliff tower
  -Added a factory next to the runway
 0.24 (priv. beta) [1/29/05]
  -Regenerated mini-map
  -Regenerated surface maps
  -Added a small jump joined with the bigger jump at the cliff
  -Added a rectangular race track with jeeps (suggested by Jason9811 and MacGyverBFSS)
  -Adjusted cliff soldier spawns
  -Lowered some terrain to reach the ladder (like the trench, but much smaller)
  -Added a ladder to the west side of the walkway
  -Added jeep to the vehicle repair
  -Moved cliff vehicles and flak
  -Removed a jeep from the cliff
  -Added a tank to the cliff
  -Increased plane spawn distances by 1 (not including the heavy bombers)
  -Added a plank to get from the walkway to the trench
  -Added a trench on the east at the end of the ditch to provide another escape
  -Moved ladder at the bottom of the pipe
  -Added a walkway along the back of the ditch level to the bottom of the pipe
  -Fixed vehicles in hangar 2, the two at the north side are Axis and the two at the south side are Ally
 0.23 (priv. beta) [1/26/05]
  -Raised a bit of terrain at cliff edge to act as a jump
  -Added four artillary vehicles to hangar 2
  -Removed anti-aircraft guns from the windmill
  -Removed ramps from cliff
 -Updated Battlecraft 1942 to version 2.1
 0.22 (priv. beta)
  -Regenerated mini-map with static objects and without ammo box/medic locker marks
  -Added Bocage color fog (starting 300 and ending 400)
  -Changed lighting settings to Bocage as in v0.21, excluding direction
  -Added a ramp on the cliff made of two sidewalks and a building corner with a plank next to it as a kick ramp
  -Added a storage building next to the runway
  -Changed the forest control point name from Forest_Lookout to Forest
  -Removed airplane ammo from bases
  -Tweaked a few object positions
  -Added locker as a backing for medic lockers
  -Added barbed wire to bunker ladder at the maze town
  -Moved base aircraft further from boundary fence
  -Added boundary fence
  -Started from v0.2 due to graphic issues and large size in v0.21
 0.21 (priv. beta)
  -Regenerated mini-map with static objects
  -Regenerated surface maps, lightmaps, and low quality shadows
  -Changed Lighting colors and direction to the Bocage settings
  -Changed Sky Height Offset from 150 to 0
  -Added Bocage color fog (starting 400 and ending 800)
  -Increased view distance from 400 to 800
 0.2 (pub. beta)
  -Minimap updated
  -Changed axis B17's to Ju88A's
  -Added a temporary thumbnail
  -Added a temporary loading screen
  -Modified spawn distances and times for all vehicles
 0.16 (priv. beta)
  -Adjusted cliff jeeps
  -Skybox changed to Bocage
  -Medic lockers added at cliff vehicle repair station and hangar
  -Ammo boxes added (2 at hangar, 1 at town, 1 at cliff vehicle repair station)
  -Airplane ammo added to the runway
  -B17's adgusted and given a longer spawn time
  -Hangar planes adjusted and the front planes given a longer spawn time
 0.15 (pub. beta)
  -Added tank (allied Sherman and axis Panzeriv) to the vehicle repair station at the cliff
  -Changed town allied plane to SBD and axis plane to Stuka
  -Added a runway to the hangar
  -Fixed maxNrOfObjectSpawned and set all objects to 100
  -Made changes required for map to work on BF1942 v1.45
 -Updated Battlecraft 1942 to version 1.1b
 0.1 (first public beta)
  -Cliff axis APC changed from Priest to Hanomag
  -Map Name changed from Forest to Stunting Grounds
  -Fixed a bug in one of the hangar planes that prevented it from spawning
  -Terrain and building height edited at town to eliminate gaps between ground and buildings
  -Removed 'Water' text from mini-map texture
  -Low-level shadows added
  -Cliff axis APC changed from M3A1 to Priest
  -Added hangar containing 4 planes
  -Added airplane ammo at both bases
  -Added vehicle repair at the end of the ditch near the cliff
  -Added a small town maze containing a guard tower outpost, 3 jeeps, 1 plane, 4 soldier spawns, a medic locker, and an ammo box
  -Moved Lake Lookout to the center of the town
  -Added 6 B17's to the west of the forest
  -Changed some plane spawns to a different plane
  -Added another jeep to the forest
 0.08b (changes in this version and earlier were not logged when made, the changes listed are from memory and comparison)
  -Fixed problem with a tree on top of another tree
  -Added a forest towards the north-west of the map containing a guard tower outpost, 1 jeep, 5 soldier spawns, and an ammo box
  -Removed geometry of the windmill flagpole
  -Edited bottom of cliff so vehicles can slide down without high risk of exploding
  -Edited Lake Lookout to remove gap between ground and bottom edge of the tower base
  -Moved/rotated jeeps and soldier spawns of both bases
  -Removed paved road texture from the long sides of the cliff hill
  -Added a soldier spawn to the windmill outpost
  -Moved ladder at the windmill
  -Aligned top cliff plane to the pipe
  -Removed geometry of the Lake Lookout flagpole
 0.05 (first numbered version)
  -Cliff and ditch containing an outpost, 7 jeeps, 3 planes, 4 soldier spawns, a guard tower, a medic locker, 2 ammo boxes, and a long pipe
  -South-west allied base containing 5 jeeps, 2 planes, 4 soldier spawns, a medic locker, and an ammo box
  -North-east axis base containing 5 jeeps, 2 planes, 4 soldier spawns, a medic locker, and an ammo box
  -A mid-sized lake towards the north of the map
  -A guard tower outpost on the west side of the lake containing a jeep and an ammo box
  -A windmill outpost on the east side of the lake containing a jeep, 3 spawn points, 2 anti-aircraft guns, a medic locker, an ammo box, and a ladder

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