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created by: Jason aka loktar email

This is for all the 56kers out there who can only play on lan or by thems...


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created by: Jason aka loktar email

This is for all the 56kers out there who can only play on lan or by themselves.

This mod makes it so the bots use the subs better than my previous mod they still cannot shoot though :( sorry im working on it though. This also makes the bots use the B17 alot better they now bomb by releasing 4 bombs at a time, and now they dont fly as crazy. Plus adds subs and ships to Midway and adds the B17 to Market Garden.

How to install:

1st option

place the objects_082.rfa in your "EA Games/battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942/archives" directory

and place midway_082.rfa market_garden_082.rfa in your "EA Games/battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels" directory

2nd option(if first option dosent seem to work which always happens to me)

create a folder called test in your "EA Games/battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942/" directory and create a folder called archives inside of your test folder then a folder called bf1942 inside of the archives folder and then make a folder called levels inside of the bf1942 folder so it looks like this


then open your init.con file in your "EA Games/battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942" directory and add this line

game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/test/

right before this line

game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/

then name the objects_082.rfa to objects.rfa and place it in test/archives

and take the _082 off of the midway, and market garden files and place them in


and when you run the game and run coop you should notice a difference on these levels feel free to email with comments and suggestions.

SPECIAL THANKS to Syd for testin my stuff for me and for lettin my know that guadal dosent work.

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