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This mod greatly changes the realism for desert combat 0.38.The new version of this mod adds new soldier clases and new realistic sounds to...


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This mod greatly changes the realism for desert combat 0.38.The new version of this mod adds new soldier clases and new realistic sounds to the desert combat guns.This mod makes the clases and teams more equal so u can work as a team and to resemble what it would be like if u were really out there fighting.So if u want more realism to desert combat 0.38 i recomend you download this.

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Download 'tanelorn_dc_mod.zip' (909KB)

Tanelorn's Desert Combat 0.35 modification v0.75

This mod is an attempt to achieve the following:
- correct known issues
- improve game balance
- enhance uniqueness between sides
- Make the equipment parallel real equipment more closely

I have not created this mod to rival the DC team. Instead, I have made this 
mod to offer an alternate set of behaviors for comparison. It is my 
intention that the mod be used to determine how my changes improve or harm 
gameplay. I truly believe that my mod adds more diversity between sides. It 
also improves immersion by making the equipment behave more closely to what 
you would expect from real world counterparts. I *HAVE NOT* taken a truly 
realistic posture, as we all know how superior US equipment is to third 
world counterparts. So please give this mod a try. It's a swift download, 
and makes no permanent or extensive changes to your DC directory.

The zip file is organized to reflect the directory structure of your 
BF1942/mods folder. You will see one folder within this zip file, called 
DC_Tanelorn. This folder goes into your Mods directory.

The following files are included in this zip (with pathnames)

To create a shortcut to this mod, I suggest duplicating your Desert Combat 
shortcut, and in the target field:
replace +game DesertCombat
with +game DC_tanelorn

While it is not necessary to play the mod, in order to see the DC movie and 
hear the DC music, you will need to copy the movie and music files from 
Desert Combat to the DC Tanelorn folders. They are located in:

*** end installation ***

*** version info ***
v0.8 (eigth release, 6 Jul 2003)
FFARs and hellfires not firing during a sharp turn fixed
FFAR blast radius reduced
RPG / FFAR smoke effect changed slightly
M203 / GP30 reload sequence corrected from 0.38
M16 single fire only
New experimental M16 and AKM sounds
Class selection menu given new graphics
Multiplayer player list icons changed to US squad symbology
Major overhaul on class system

--- Class system explination ---
This was mostly done to correct the issues of medic / repair class types.
I have also adjusted equipment items and class names. This serves to
promote uniqueness between the two sides. A class breakdown follows:

-- US classes --
(all get knife and beretta)
1- Recon.  (M25 sniper, handgrenades, binoculars)
2- Rifleman. (M16, handgrenades, M203)
3- Anti-Armor. (MP5, mines, SMAW)
4- Combat Medic. (M16, stinger, Medicbag)
5- Combat Engineer. (Remington, detpack, wrench)
6- Automatic Rifleman. (M249, handgrenades)

-- Iraqi classes --
(all get knife and browning hi-power)
1- Sniper.  (Tabuk sniper, handgrenades)
2- Rifleman. (AKM, handgrenades, GP30)
3- Grenadier. (AKS-74u, mines, RPG-7)
4- Republican Guard. (AKS-74u, mortar, binoculars)
5- Engineer. (Skorpion, detpack, wrench)
6- Machinegunner. (PKM, handgrenades)

*** known issues ***
The few bugged issues this release has are due to the game engine
itself, which I have no control over. The issues are:
1- Can not assign a player list icon for the 6th class
2- Due to the single heli rocket magazine, helis do not show reloaded rocket 
3- The arty interface will display your current weapon's iron sight.
4- Because the RPG was given a manual reload, the rocket is shown even after 

A final note: The new AKM sound is very similar to EOD's AK-47. I swear I 
did not copy this sound. We probably used the same source material or 
something like that.

v0.7 (seventh release)
All equipment upgraded to DC 0.38
FFARs given spiral pattern
Most firearms converted to use new recoil-based fire control system
Coaxial and pin-mounted machineguns now have sound
All appropriate vehicles given browning and coaxial mg replacement
Iron sights made for GP30 and M203
Some class loadout changes from 0.38

v0.66 (seventh release)
Proximity detonations fixed due to changes in 1.4
Some rocket trails fixed due to changes in 1.4
Minigun heatup and cooldown adjusted
Hellfires and AT-2 velocity increased, blast radius reduced
Hydras increased effectiveness vs. soft targets
Shilka gun given tracers

v 0.65 (sixth release)
SCUD given lower armor class (from Bradley class to Shilka class)
BRDMs given higher armor class (From HMMWV class to SHilka class)
M2 Bradley given 25mm HEDP autocannon
BRDM given .50 cal
SMAW made more effective vs. helis
RPG made more effective vs. helis
Set SMAW and RPG to manual reload to keep sight up after firing
7.62x54 made more effective vs. air
UH60 minigun toned down
Shotgun pattern tightened, fire rate increased slightly
Anti-Tank class given AKS-74U and MP5
RPG sight slightly changed to improve visibility
*** known issue: RPG rocket remains on model after firing due to manual 

v 0.61 (fifth release)
All iron sights set to be free of extraneous graphics

v 0.6 (fourth release)
class weapons adjusted
shilka hit points reduced
spandrel damage to medium armor reduced from instakill
changes to tank machinegun sound files
zpu weapon blast radius increased.
Removed zoom for shotguns
changed material class for shotguns to prevent vehicle destruction

v 0.55 (third release)
Added iron sight graphics to RPG7
Adjusted damage values and ammo count for RPG and SMAW
Adjusted mortar damage for reduced effectiveness vs. tanks

v 0.5 (second release)
Added iron sight graphics to the firearms
Removed extra missile ammo for Mi24 Hind
*** end version info ***

In addition to changes to specific equipment, some generic changes have been 

Most importantly, many new projectiles have been created so there can be 
more diversity between the weapons. These additions include new projectiles 
AND material definitions. For example, in 0.35, the assault rifles used the 
original BF1942 bullets. I have created many new projectiles which are a 
specific caliber instead of being weapon specific. For example, I have made 
9mm, 5.56, 7.62x39, 7.62x54, .50cal, 25mm HEDP, 20mm, etc. This allows for 
easy projectile assignment to weapons. If you know the caliber of a weapon, 
you simply select that caliber projectile for it. No guessing what BF1942 
weapon most closely resembles your weapon. It will not be noted below, but 
most weapons now use unique projectiles.

Additionally, the prefect accuracy bug was corrected for firearms. Each 
firearm has been assigned an accuracy appropriate to it's real counterpart. 
I will not note these changes in the weapon descriptions, but rest assured, 
I've fixed them.

The following changes have been made (by order of item). Minor changes not 

- Firearms

-- M249
This is more an anti-infantry weapon now.
Advantage: easier to control
Disadvantage: Ineffective against vehicles
Changes: Uses M16 bullet. Lower recoil, less max spread, faster recovery.

-- PKM
This is more of a support weapon now.
Advantage: High power (2 shot kill vs. infantry), can harm aircraft
Disadvantage: Poor control when not prone
Changes: Increased recoil and recovery time when not prone. 100 round clip.

-- M16
This weapon was given more controllability. It is basically unchanged.
Advantage: Easy to control, very accurate
Disadvantage: least powerful of the rifles
Changes: slight changes to recoil, recovery, accuracy

-- AKM
This weapon was nearly unchanged, but it was given slightly more power
Advantage: Slightly more power, can harm soft armor
Disadvantage: Higher recoil, harder to control
Changes: slight changes to recoil, recovery, accuracy, damage

-- Sniper rifles
Nearly no changes to behavior. M25 was given a mildot reticle

-- AK74SU
This weapon was greatly changed. It comes much closer to the real weapon, 
giving it strong differences from the MP5.
Advantage: Powerful as a M16, swift recovery
Disadvantage: High recoil, less accurate than a rifle
Changes: Increased recoil, changed projectile

-- MP5
The MP5 was mostly adjusted for accuracy and recoil. As in real life, the 
MP5 is now very controllable in automatic fire. It is a very good CQB weapon 
and is the only weapon that performs well on the move.
Advantage: Very low recoil, controllable while moving
Disadvantage: weak bullet, moderate accuracy
Changes: Reduced recoil, increased recovery, reduced max spread

- Vehicles

Hit points increased from 50 to 75 (HMMWV had 100 HP)

-- BRDM Spandrel
Fire time between shots reduced
Total ammunition reduced to 10 missiles
Hit points increased from 50 to 75 (HMMWV had 100 HP)

Hit points reduced from 100 to 50

Reload time between missiles increased
TOW damage increased
Hit points reduced from 100 to 50

-- M168 Vulcan
Changed minimum gun angle to be parallel with the ground
Reduced vehicle recoil

-- Shilka
Changed minimum gun angle to be parallel with the ground
Removed exposed gunner
Increased rate of fire to match M168
Reduced vehicle recoil

-- M1A2
Increased hit points from 100 to 150
Reduced vehicle recoil
Created .50 cal M2 browning weapon
Created 7.62x54 M240 coax machinegun

-- T72
Reduced vehicle recoil
Uses M2 browning and M240 coax

-- Artillery vehicles (shell)
75 rounds
reduced vehicle recoil
damage vs. armor reduced
splash radius increased

-- Artillery rocket vehicles
Reduced vehicle recoil
Increased rocket magazine reload time (except SCUD)

- Aircraft

-- Mig29, F16
Increased rocket speed and straightened rocket arc

-- Apache
Removed extra rocket magazines
Gave 25mm high explosive dual purpose nose cannon ammo

-- Hind
Removed extra rocket magazines
Gave .50 cal rapid fire nose cannon
64 FFAR rockets
4 AT-3s

The changes Below above comprise the majority and most remarkable of the 
changes I have made to DC 0.35a. If you want to use this mod in a 
multiplayer game, you must have the modified files on every machine playing. 
Obviously, then, you will probably be restricted to LAN play unless some 
brave soul chooses to run an internet server for it.

I've playtested these changes with a LAN group of 5 people, and we were 
quite satisfied with the changes. This is the first release, and, of course, 
it won't be too long before DC 0.4 is released. So you must keep in mind 
this mod is experimental only, and is intended to demonstrate an alternate 
game-balance system.

I hope you have fun playing it, I sure do. And make sure to check out my 
sound mod as well.

There is a known issue with the M1 and T72 browning and coax machine guns. 
Because they were custom created and I am not experienced with sound 
scripting, there is a problem with the weapon sounds. Currently, these two 
weapons do not make sounds when fired. If anyone can look at the weapon code 
(under the M1 folder in the objects.rfa) and tell me what's wrong, please 
contact me. I'll greatly appreciate the help.

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