Another map made by bumsoft. This time a pacific map: Tarawa. Some heavy battle going on here.



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Another map made by bumsoft. This time a pacific map: Tarawa. Some heavy battle going on here.


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Download 'tarawa_v11.0.zip' (6.87MB)

***** Tarawa by Bumsoft *****

This map was based on the bloody battle fought at the island of Tarawa in November 1943.The
US marines are assaulting the Japanese Garrison.If you have any comments or ways I can 
improve the map, please post them.


just copy the Tarawa RFA file into your Mods/BF1942/Archives/BF1942/levels folder.
level optimised for BF1942 1.6

***** AFEW DETAILS *****

+ only the Americans have a permanent base.
+ the game starts with 6 Jap flags, 1 permanent US base and the USS Enterprise.
+ The Americans have a ticket advantage at the start 180:100.
+ This is conquest-assault so the Americans lose tickets at the start.
+ The "Airfield" control point is the Jap main command post.
+ The wespe represents a 127mm twin mount gun which i could not represent in the game.
+ this map is optimised for conquest/CTF.


+ try capturing punto Takarongo first: it is the weakest defended.
+ make good use of your air superiority- you'll need it.
+ once you've established a foothold, you'll find it much easier.
+ don't land at red 3 beach (east of the long jettie) - it has 3 machineguns, 2 pillboxes and a defgun.
+ the antitank ditches also make good anti'infantry ditches -  don't cross them.


+ you have plenty of Flak. use that against the American planes and save your plane for strafing the assault forces.
+ Use the guns at punto Temakin & Takarongo to kill any Americans who try sneak round the island - your south defences are very poor.
+ like on D-Day, the battle will be won on the beaches. allow the marines a foothold and you'll find very hard to push them back into the sea.
+ Don't move your tanks out of their "foxholes" - there's a weird bug - find out for yourself.
+ use the blackmedals and APCs to get to troublespots quickly

***** NOTES *****

+ i got the map design from a spanish website (methinks) sorry if the control points are not really called "Punto".
+ the deep trench systems are the best i can do at representing the maze of tunnels beneath the island.
+ feel free to distribute, mod, convert my map as long as you keep the name "Bumsoft" in it.
+ there are some weird tank bugs i can't fix.
+ any problems? email me at zerstorer_fubar@hotmail.com or post them at the files page.
+ enjoy!!!

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