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This is BattleGroup42's second version of their teamwork mod. Just read the read me for more info.


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This is BattleGroup42's second version of their teamwork mod. Just read the read me for more info.

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BattleGroup42's Teamwork Mod

This mod is designed to increase player cooperation and 
reduce some game exploits (spamming & camping). There are
many improvements to the APC features, e.g. making them 
stronger and able to repair other vehicles (and 
themselves), and survive longer when unmanned (for use 
as repair/supply station). It also
uses historically authentic relative values for vehicle
muzzle velocities, ammunitition stowage, and gun elevation/
traverse ranges. Future versions will also correctly model 
the penetration and armour protection values for each vehicle
(which are haphazard in the standard game). There are also 
some user interface improvements and map changes (see below).

For further details visit our website:

This mod has been designed for Battlefield 1942 Version 1.31.
If you have BG-Teamwork 0.1 installed, please uninstall via 
Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs (you may also need
to delete the Battlefield 1942/Mods/BG-Teamwork folder as
DICE put a log file in there when it's run).

This mod is designed for all game modes (Conquest and 
SinglePlayer-Coop, Campaign and Instant Battle)

To run, go into Custom Game, select BG-Teamwork 0.15 and 
click Activate.

Give us feedback!

       Panzaman, Vimeous and the rest of BattleGroup42


Later versions will have more new models, including a King 
Tiger, Churchill and Panther currently being built by Gimli
and various models by DaCrapper.

This is Alpha Version 0.15 (10 April 2003)

Changes - Version 0.15

1) Aircraft hangers repair vehicles much more slowly (and
vehicle bays repair aircraft much more slowly) to discourage
hanger camping.
2) Ammo boxes recharge grenades more slowly to discourage
grenade spamming.
3) APCs have had their lifetime when unoccupied increased to
two minutes (from 45 seconds) in order to encourage their
use as local repair and supply points. Their repair radius
has been increased from 10 to 15 metres.
4) Artillery that previously only spawned when a forward 
base was captured have been replaced by tanks and APCs. 
Instead Artillery has been added to the main bases so that
it can be used to help capture the forward bases. This 
applies to Kharkov, Kursk and Bocage.
5) Support has been added for the Operation Aberdeen map 
(which now spawns APCs next to most bases) - this
obviously needs Operation Aberdeen itself to be installed
if you want to make use of it.
6) Minor map changes. For example, where various tanks of
the same type have been scattered around the main bases they
have been gathered together in order to encourage players
to use them in co-operation (the smallest unit for tank
fighting should be the troop - typically 3 tanks).
7) Bug fixes to DICE's original bot code - due to typos, 
the bots would not use Chi-Ha or Sherman main guns against 
8) Original bot code changes to use the new vehicle elevation
and traverse limits.

Details - Version 0.10

There are new mini-map icons for TrackedArtillery (Priest and
Wespe) and TruckArtillery (Katyusha) so that not all vehicles
show up as tanks!

There are two main changes to gameplay. Firstly, there are 
improvements to the APC to make it a much more useful vehicle 
for the infantry (less of a deathtrap!), to encourage players
to make more use of them. This includes:

Improved armour protection: now immune to small-arms fire 
(BAR and SG44), as they were built to be, and reduced 
damage from artillery splash (damage from Browning MG, 
MG42 and direct hit from artillery unchanged).

Repair ability: As well as the original ability to resupply
vehicles, APCs can now repair vehicles belonging to their
own side, including tanks, by driving up close to them. They
can also repair themselves and other APCs, but only very 
slowly. Remember - call for APC: F2-F7!

Visuals: there is now a driver's position with player model
in the Hanomag. Both the M3A1 and Hanomag drivers' cameras
can be rotated with the mouse so you can see to the sides and
over your shoulder (so you can see who's riding in the back).
Good screenshots of clans riding together in an APC are 
welcome for the website!

Maps: the maps have been changed to have more APCs (for a
full breakdown of all map changes see

Secondly, there are changes to the tanks:

The Tiger has been made more stable when travelling and 

The T-34 has a new turret model so it no longer shares the 
turret from the T-34-85. Both have new gun barrels and skins,
so that they correctly represent T-34-76 and T-34-85 versions
(for more details, see the website).

Correct muzzle velocities: the tanks now have correct 
relative historical muzzle velocities. This means they fire
flatter and straighter, making them better against enemy 
tanks and vehicles especially moving targets (coax against
infantry is unchanged). The muzzle velocities used are 
exactly 1/3 of the real historical values (this may be 
increased in a later version) but this is still a significant
improvement on the values in the original game (varying 
randomly between about 1/4 and 1/8 of the real historical 

Armour protection: tanks now correctly take no damage from
the splash of battlefield artillery (Priest and Wespe). 
Damage from direct hits from them is reduced. Damage from 
large artillery (ships and defguns), splash and direct, is 

Gun traverse/elevation: All tanks and SP artillery now have 
the correct turret/mounting traverse and elevation limits, 
rather than all being identical. Generally this increases the
ability for tanks to fire below the horizontal, and is 
intended to encourage correct fire positions for tanks (e.g. 
reverse slopes below crests or in folds in the ground) where 
previously they had to be on flat ground or angled forward to
fire downwards.

Ammunition stowage: All tanks and SP artillery now have their
correct relative ammunition stowage amounts for the main gun 
(actually 1/3 of their historical value), rather than always 
holding 30 rounds. In some cases this has increased stowage, 
in others it has reduced it. Although overall stowage amounts 
are not significantly changed, there will be a few more 
occasions when tanks run out of main gun ammunition. The 
answer, of course, is to call up an APC for a resupply
(remember: F2-F7!).


See website for details, but especially:
Eric Haines (Fredhead) for help and 
The tool makers

All rights in TeamworkMod and BattleGroup42 reserved.
All rights and trademarks of other parties acknowledged.

Happy Hunting!

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