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BattleGroup42's Teamwork Road to Rome mod changes vehicles and maps and puts Road To Rome vehicles to the early war maps. Check out the scre...


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BattleGroup42's Teamwork Road to Rome mod changes vehicles and maps and puts Road To Rome vehicles to the early war maps. Check out the screenshots.

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BattleGroup42's TeamworkRTR Mod

This mod requires:
Battlefield 1942 (at least v1.31)
Road To Rome (at least v1.31)
BG-Teamwork mod (at least 0.15)

The BG-Teamwork Mod is designed to increase player cooperation 
and reduce some game exploits (spamming & camping). There are
many improvements to the APC features, e.g. making them 
stronger and able to repair other vehicles (and 
themselves), and survive longer when unmanned (for use 
as repair/supply station). It also
uses historically authentic relative values for vehicle
muzzle velocities, ammunitition stowage, and gun elevation/
traverse ranges.

This BG-TeamworkRTR Mod adds these features to the Road To Rome
vehicles and maps (including more APCs and Artillery on the
maps). It also adds the RTR vehicles to the original early 
war maps - since the RTR vehicles generally predate those
in the original game but are on maps set later in the war. For 
example both the M11-39 and M3Grant were used in the desert 
campaign but were out of service before the Italian campaign.
The maps affected are as follows:

1) Operation Battleaxe
2) Operation Aberdeen
3) Gazala
4) Tobruk
5) El Alamein
6) Wake
7) Midway
8) Guadalcanal

The changes have been simple substitutions:

Heavy tank (M10/Tiger): M3GMC/Sturmgeschutz
Medium tank (Sherman/Panzer IV): M3Grant/M11-39
Heavy bomber (B-17/B-17): Mosquito/BF110
Dive bomber (Spitfire/Stuka): Mosquito/BF110

This mod includes new desert skins by Seven for the M3Grant, 
M11-39, M3GMC and Sturmgeschutz. The next version will have 
desert skins for the Mosquito and BF110.

For further details visit our website:

This mod is designed for all game modes (Conquest and SinglePlayer-
Coop, Campaign and Instant Battle)

To run, go into Custom Game, select BG-TeamworkRTR 0.15 and 
click Activate.

Give us feedback!

       Panzaman, Vimeous, Seven and the rest of BattleGroup42


This is Alpha Version 0.15 (10 April 2003)

Details - Version 0.15

1) Artillery has been added to the Baytown forward bases
and Husky beach base.
2) Bug fixes to DICE's original bot code - due to typos, 
the bots would not use AT25 or Pak40 guns against infantry.
3) The new mini-map icon for TruckArtillery is used for the 

Other changes are in line with BG-Teamwork (see BG-Teamwork 
Mod details for all the main gameplay changes):

APCs have had their lifetime when unoccupied increased to
two minutes (from 45 seconds) on all RTR maps - in order to 
encourage their use as local repair and supply points. 

Original bot code changes to use the new vehicle elevation
and traverse limits.

Maps: the maps have been changed to have more APCs (for a
full breakdown of all map changes see

Correct muzzle velocities: all vehicles and fixed AT guns
now have correct relative historical muzzle velocities. 

Gun traverse/elevation: All tanks and artillery now have 
the correct turret/mounting traverse and elevation limits.

Ammunition stowage: All tanks and SP artillery now have their
correct relative ammunition stowage amounts for the main gun 
(actually 1/3 of their historical value). Although overall 
stowage amounts are not significantly changed, there will 
be a few more occasions when tanks run out of main gun 
ammunition. The answer, of course, is to call up an APC 
for a resupply (remember: F2-F7!).


See website for details, but especially:
Eric Haines (Fredhead) for help and 
The tool makers

All rights in TeamworkMod and BattleGroup42 reserved.
All rights and trademarks of other parties acknowledged.

Happy Hunting!

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