The Great War Video

TGW's second showcase video for the upcoming mod.


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TGW's second showcase video for the upcoming mod.

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The Great War
mod showcase video

Released March 10/2004
File size: 66.5mb Mpeg1
Running time: 4 minutes, 47 seconds.
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Created for The Great War mod team by
Pappy Boyington and Just-Kidding Productions.

This is the second showcase video for TGW and you can still find the first one 

This one shows you a few new additions to the mod, and there's still more to be shown in the upcoming 3rd video. TGW will be released very soon and is almost complete. 

This will be a great WWI mod, not only for the great modeling work that's being done, but the fun factor that has been an important aspect of the TGW project. Watch for the release soon.

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