The Night of Nights

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Hey there soldiers! Here is a really nice map for BF1942! You can bet this one will be on the server! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!



The Night of Nights V2.0 custom map for BF1942:

Changes since version 1.0:

- Added the 101st Airborne Div. uniform to U.S.
- Added the M1Garand to the US Antitank. The Bazooka is now a secondary weapon with only 3 rounds.
- Added the Type5 rifle to the German Antitank. The Panzershreck is now a secondary weapon with only 3 rounds.
- Gameplay changes:
* - Axis team starts the game with one flag. All the rest flags are grey.
* - Drop zone flag is now capturable by Axis.
* - Added a Jeep to the Axis main base.
* - Added MGs over some buildings
- Fixes:
* - Fixed several objects not attached to the ground/sea.
* - Fixed missing propellers on the C47s.


5 years ago

Can you add Singleplayer support?