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pwn3r1001 has created a new mod here is what its about :

This is the last update for my mod dedicated to the Reborn Fighters Clan. This mod includes turbo(on most vehicles but the tank even on the aircraft carrier!), a few modded textures(including vehicles and misc. things), many sounds changes(eg.bullet fly-bys, explosions), Gravity defying pistol, complete menu interface changed(including music loading, and all of the menu windows), All maps but battle of britain, and battle of the bulge work on this mod, 1 shot sniper, and I can go on but this is basically what the mod includes.


TheRebornFightersMod Version 1.1
by Pwn3r1001(GEN1)
release: December 2 2006
[email protected]

Mod site:www.rfmod1001.piczo.com
Clan site:www.rfclan1001.piczo.com

There is a tutorial.doc inside the .zip package and inside the mod folder. 
It really helps for anyone just dying to mod.

Delete or use the uninstal icon to get rid of  the old TheRebornFightersMod 
Folder before you install this new version.

The Reborn Fighters Mod is a mod dedicated to The Reborn Fighters Clan. It 
was created by only me, pwn3r1001, but with tons of help and suggestions 
from our leader and many other members. This mod includes turbo, modded 
textures, altered gameplay for more realism, gravity defying pistol, new 
menu, and much much more that I can't remember.

Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.61 or higher

Run the "RebornFightersInstallation".exe inside this .zip package. BTW, you 
are reading the Readme the installation obviously isn't in this page, just 
for any noobs. Then simply follow through the installation, boot up bf1942, 
and go to custom game scroll to the reborn fighters mod then press activate 
at the bottom, and have fun!

Use the uninstal icon found in C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 
Or you can manually delete that folder.

'Alternate Fire' is used for the forward  boosters on all vehicles except 
the B17, which uses 'Primary Fire'.
Vehicles with reverse boosters (jeep, kubelwagen) are fired with 'Primary 
The pistol is just primary fire looking down for gravity defying.
Some planes have an AA Allies on top but don't have boosters, because for 
one thing you can't booster and try to shoot at the same time, and the AA is 
a good weapon in air combat.

Thanks to
«m» Ice_Man --Thanks so much man, you've been a big contributor to this mod. 
Thanks for adding jeeps and planes and quick spawns.(lol i suck at mapping)
WoooooooDX--For support and many suggestions.
All clan members--For ideas and cool creations.
INDEGO--For the help of mod development process.

Version 1.1
-Crouch animation changed(counterstrike style) not on one knee.
-Menu bug under singleplayer fixed
-Added jeeps to maps and various planes done by «m» Ice_Man
Version 1.0 (First Version)


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