The Road to Berlin (1.1)



Fizzy has created a pretty sweet map for 1942.




The Road To Berlin v1.1

The road to berlin will not be easy, the german's have control over the town's,bridges and cross road's between you and berlin, the german's have control over the fowling flags,
> German main base
> German fuel dump
> German lumberyard
> German airstrip
> German town

The russians have control over the fowling flags,
> Russian main base
> Russian farmhouse

The russians will start under ticket bleed conditions and will have to fight to take a flag to stop the ticket bleed and then push the germans back.


> Co-Op
> Single Player
> Capture The Flag
> Conquest
> Team deathmatch


Just run the EXE and it will help you install the map.


> Environmental sounds have been added.
> Loading bar speed fixed.
> Other various changes made to a number of .CON files.
> Skin was made for the xpack.

Thanks to,
smig for the use of his custom objects.
You can check out smig's objects at www.smig.name

As for the skins in my map thank's to the author's of the skins,
> (Leitwolf (a.k.a. WarLord) author of Bf109 Jagdgeschwader 52
> (Bazza) author of the Soviet Pack-M3A1,T34-85,T34,Willy jeep.
> (takiwa) author of the Yak-9.


Certain Skin's in the map may or may not have been made by me, you do NOT have permission to use my skin's or edit them in any way,
for all other legal information please read the terms and condition of use thru the EXE setup.

Author : fizzy
Email : [email protected]
Website: www.fizzynet.net
If you have any question's about the map or you have a problem with it, feel free to contact me.
Please if you send me an email, Please make the subject "fizzynet.net" and i will get back to you as soon as i possibly can.

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