Tiger Camo & Weapons skins

New Tiger tank camo design by Jingo. Requires a textures folder or makerfa.exe


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New Tiger tank camo design by Jingo. Requires a textures folder or makerfa.exe

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Download 'jingo_tank_and_weapons.zip' (2.08MB)

Tiger and weapons by Jingo

Hi folks,I proudly present(roll 'em drums!) my first skins for Bf1942!It's a Tiger camo and some weapons.
I started with the weapons,because it's an easier start-I can really recommend that for all rookies like me-
and turned them into some field-like style:less glossy,a bit darker and some scratch structures esp. Mg42.
The Tiger has a widely used camo pattern with countless variations on all European fronts.This is a darker 
style,but I think it looks good on all European maps.I put a bar-cross on the turret and some hit markings.
The unit insignia on the front refers to  510th schwere Panzer-Abteilung(sPzAbt.510)which fought at the Bocage.
I used Photoshop 6 with dds plug-in(necessary!!),RfaExtractor(necessary!!) and a lot of time,dedication and patience.
I had Kevin Clover's "supercharge"-skin for the Sherman in mind, when I thought about quality standards for myself,
hope I can get there one day!Another big help was Pork'n beans skinning tutorial(Thanx HotShot12!).I didn't
reconvert the dds-files,because with 1.2 and Merciless 3.7(Can I get a halleluhjah?)it didn't make sense to me.
If you don't have your texture folders extracted,use MakeRfa to reconvert my files.I guess all you custom skin lovers 
don't need an explanation where to put dds files.
All constructive feedback andd input is welcome,so long Jingo.
E-mail:getaway30@hotmail.com or sulaco@onlinehome.de

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